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At Home 45 Minute CHAIR WORKOUT | Chair Exercises for Seniors and Beginners | Full body workout

This 45 minute chair workout is suitable for beginners and seniors who are ready for a longer workout. The chair exercises are …

31 thoughts on “At Home 45 Minute CHAIR WORKOUT | Chair Exercises for Seniors and Beginners | Full body workout

  1. J B Franzini says:

    After reviewing literally hundreds of non-impact Senior exercise video's….I have chosen yours as Par Excellence…. You have quite an awareness of Senior Citizens needs with your
    selection of movements. Your clarity and pace are enticing, and bring the participants into your world. As an exercise instructor myself, I am literally shocked to see someone working
    at the same rhythm and flow that I attempt to provide each day. Congratulations, and a very meaningful A+ for your work Jules.

  2. Susan Uy says:

    Thanks a lòt for assisting us seniors on daily exercises god bĺess

  3. Hi, I discovered this video through a search. I just started the 75Hard program 2 days ago and I am so sore I didn’t want to walk or even stand for exercise today. You do such a great job teaching and keeping the workout upbeat. Thank you for a less-intense but still challenging workout! 😁

  4. Hi, Thank you for these suggested seated erxercises. I have been very active all my life and now arthritis and in juries are taking their toll. I appreciate learning how to keep fit while not as mobile. Shelley from B.C., Canada

  5. Ann Nguyen says:

    Please! Do some more 60 minutes work out?Thanhs

  6. Ann Nguyen says:

    Keep doing good work out!

  7. A very good challenging set of exercises which I managed every step of the way . . . . at 87 years old ! Whew !!

  8. Today I am thankful my sister spent 2 months with me in Florida, and thankful for your chair videos.

  9. Joan Gilbert says:

    I'm 80. finally convinced myself to start exercising after many years. This was a great first work out !!

  10. Ann Nguyen says:

    Thanks so much!I am doing good work out almost of my times

  11. I am thankful for your exercises and YouTube who provides them FREE.

  12. Ann Nguyen says:

    Thanks again!Love so much!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful exercise today.. i enjoy it…

  14. Leslie Fox says:

    I am thankful for finding your videos Jules. I pulled a muscle in my lower back this week aggravating my lower back arthritis so your chair exercise video allowed me to keep moving today without the impact of standing cardio.

  15. John Mooney says:

    I am thankful for you and for your workouts and that I found them. You are the best.

  16. Like thus, I paid 25.00 for a program nIt as good as this one, thank you

  17. Susan Wright says:

    Hi Jules, thank you for this great all-in-one. I need seated cardio at the moment as I have slight ankle strain and do not want to aggravate it. This was perfect, thank you 😊

  18. Vicki Powers says:

    Thank you Jules, that was simply WONDERFUL!!! Jules, I live in Michigan, and I've been wondering if you're Canadian. The way you pronounce ''out'', I like it. !!!!

  19. Ann Nguyen says:

    Thanhs for good one

  20. Love your exercises. I do them with the group of ladies and few men in my 55 plus independent living apartment. Thank you. Blessings to you for thinking of us seniors.😘

  21. These chair exercises are great! I do them with a friend. I'm step dancing as well. I was a gym member for 8 yrs but it finally closed. Since Covid I'm exercising online. It's the best! Thank you for bringing these chair exercises to YouTube for seniors.

  22. After a month of your workouts I was able to do this 45 min workout all the way thru !!! I'm so proud of myself. Thank you so much for your terrific videos! I never get bored!

  23. Sandhya Aval says:

    Felt really g8 ❤

  24. I am so glad I found you. I am 60 and have always been extremely active and worked out. I live in a sperm farm and I’ve always worked professionally with horses and write the horse magazines. Four weeks ago yesterday I sustained in extremely traumatic foot injury which has no end in sight. The top flash of my right foot was ripped off and most of the bones were crushed. It frustrated me and depressed me that I was not able to use my body to burn my energy and be active like I used to be. You are giving me an outlet for that. Additionally I am extremely challenged by the care of my mother who is mentally ill. So I intend to check out your website to see about that helping as well. All things considered I am grateful to have found you to help keep me home and happy whole.

  25. I was happy to see and do these chair exercises after hurting my foot and not bing able to do them standing. I love your exercise routines

  26. Greatings from Greece.
    You are the best.❤

  27. I love your exercises. I rotate the 30 min and 45 min everyday. I feel great after doing your exercise. 👍

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