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5 Overrated Exercises That Actually Suck for Muscle Growth (men over 40)

It’s important to understand that not all exercises are created equal. And while some exercises are great, they may not be great for …

35 thoughts on “5 Overrated Exercises That Actually Suck for Muscle Growth (men over 40)

  1. M.M says:

    Bent over rows suck ass. Other variables mentioned are great suggestions.

  2. TheStevetoon says:

    Great video as an older guy in the gym this is great advice

  3. T Pap says:

    I am 50 years old and stopped deadlifting off the floor at 37 and off blocks at 46. I had an elite 1RMax of 715 at 207. They were critical for my strength gains early on. I do good mornings now and still have just as much thickness in my erector muscles with better gluten and hamstrings.

    Bent rows- in my 20s and 30s I routinely worked to 425 (with body English) to prime my CNS for strict high rep sets with 315. I now focus on weighted chins, 1 arm dumbbell rows without a bench, no twisting and routinely work up to 150s for 12. 15 years ago I would go up to 235 with horrendous foam. I am lucky I didn't get hurt but going to these super highly loads was essential to lifting heavy on strict movements today.

    Today systemic fatigue is an essential element to avoid to continue to gain strength and size. I replaced flat, incline and decline barbell presses with weighted push ups at all angles. Weighted calisthenics with progressive loads ,(as heavy as you train with barbells and dumbbells allow for just as much strength and mass gains with less systemic fatigue as the movements are evolutionary superior as natural daily movements-therefore you can train with greater frequency. I have experienced more consistent improvements with these exercises. My bench press, Squat and deadlift were all at very high levels at 46 after 32 yesrs of consiztent training. Although my knees and shoulders (surprisingly my back and hips are fine) required multiple surgeries a d my knees have never come back. Fake knees are definitely in my future. My problem was overuse and discovering box squats too late. For shoulder health you must make rear delt training a priority and only go heavy on overhead presses in 1-3 week periods where you are not going heavy on any horizontal or incline press variations. Only oerform 1 heavy barbell or dum be press during a workout and use moderateto light weight on otber presses if you believethey are necessary during that workout. The dumbest thing propme do is perform 2-4 hea y pressing movements during a training session.

    If you want to go heavy on flat and inine.presses, lower your volume and train more frequently so that you can devote separateworkouts for different angle presses. If you train flat Monday and Incline Thursday, make one of the sessions lighter (you can still workout hard by using 3-7 reps in one workout and 8-15 on the other. The lower the reps on the heavy movement, the higherthe reps should be on the other. If you are using 7 reps on your heavy day, 8-10 reps is fine on the other. If u use 3 rep sets on heavy day, go 12-15 on light day. The rep work will improve cellular volume (more sarcoplasm – muscle glycogen and cellular hydration- when getting sufficient carbs pre and post training) and the heavy work will fatigue the nervous system and create more density in the contractile tissue of the higher threshold type IIb fast twitch motor units.

    I agree that if you begin training in your teens and twenties you should push the big barbell compounds while you are at a hugy adaptable stage in your life (but be smart and use periodization to take 2 steps forward and deloads to reset at a slightly higher level (1 step back). Injury usually occurs as a result of wear and tear and not because of freak accidents involving trauma that can be linked solely to that single session. Listen to strong more experienced older guys. I blew off the advice and now hurt every minute of every day. Once a movement stops progressing and you are also in middle age, do it less frequently or preexhauat and train with less weight on the compound. Its amazing how much muscle strength can continue to improve but your structural components only have a limited useful life. Don't test the boundaries if your body is giving you signals to back off.

  4. Phoenix Back says:

    50 plus don't have any problems with any variants,,, 4sets,,,,,,, working out just like any youngsters in the gym,,,,,,

  5. Too many so called influencers saying different things. This one saying Dont do this, another Dont do that! Just do whatever works for you!

  6. DoomYell hai says:

    I' m not a fan of barbells

  7. DoomYell hai says:

    I Always use to perform military Press with dumbbells only

  8. DoomYell hai says:

    Finally! Totally agree

  9. You lost me at deadlift. You clearly do not know what you are talking about

  10. mike Cook says:

    this is all bullshit ……

  11. I only do dead lifts with free weights. Everything else, I use the hammer strength machines

  12. Andre Haleta says:

    Every one watch his other videos and see if there’s any contradictions between his do and what not to do work outs! He says this work out is bad in one, and in another the same press, lift, or movement is the only one to do!😢

  13. The skit dude is getting swole lol! 💪🏾

  14. Hopefully no one takes this seriously 😂 you can get hurt doing any exercise.Most people get hurt from using too much weight and bad form not the actual exercise ✅

  15. Really like this channel since discovering it. Good, real, information, but the best thing is the guy demonstrating the moves…priceless!

  16. I'm 62 and have no problem with any of these exercises. I don't get this trying putting age restriction on lifting. On fitness ability maybe but I've been at this for decades and my age doesn't come into it. Stop speaking for the old guys who have probably been at the game longer than you.

  17. J M says:

    I'm 43 and just started lifting 6 months ago. Deadlifts fixed all of my lower back pains once I built up a tiny bit of strength. We just have to be more careful as we age to have proper form and not "ego lift".

  18. DLMan says:

    One exercise that I absolutely can't do anymore is the hack squat, which sucks because it's one of the best workouts for quads. My knees just can't take it, even with less weight. I still do deadlifts, RDLs and barbell rows once a week. I'll do military presses probably every other week, alternating with the seated version depending on how I'm feeling. I definitely need more recovery time after doing deadlifts since I'm getting older (38 going on 39).

  19. yeshua saves says:

    Thank you needed this

  20. Edwin Mwale says:

    This is actually useless information.

  21. Ram Hasib says:

    Music in the background that's a no no so annoying

  22. JD says:

    This is a ridiculous channel. Filled with faulty bro science and quasi magnanimous advice. It kind of feels like this guy just doesn’t want to see older people at his gym. Whatever you do, don’t take this dude seriously. Just create a program that works for you personally and stop listening to these wannabe gym geniuses.

  23. D B says:

    It's awful to listen to background music that keep repeating itself. Great content and tips!

  24. Dan O'Neill says:

    A camber bar is absolutely amazing for cheast development i have a sic cheast &that and thee che
    Ast press n cables and dumbell pullovers

  25. Get strong at rdl and front squats in 8 rep, good estimule to fatigue ratio.

  26. Old school bodybuilders build some of the best chest with bp.

  27. C Brown says:

    I'm 44 and in my opinion the benefits of stuff like bent over rows has more cons on the body than pros…
    Especially when people try to go heavier…
    Much better exercises exist that don't tax your spine and joints

  28. Oh My Fucking God Everybody Train Like Pussies💯

  29. trotro says:

    Switching all compound movements with isolation exercises.. not sure if this is good advice 🤔

  30. Cody Burke says:

    i let deadlifts go ages ago. just wound up being more trouble than theyre worth. i still train the movement ( RDLS, heavy swings etc) just not deads. good exercise just not for me

  31. If youre getting older you absolutely need deadlifts to maintain bone density. Just about all your lifts have a place. I think hes talking out his @$$. If you want to keep your mobility and strength you absolutely need these lifts. Thats not to say you should do heavy singles but the actual movement is needed. And if you stop moving at a certain point you wont start again. Its just common sense. And anybody can use retard form for any exercise , that dont make it a bad exercise it makes for a retarded doing the lift.

  32. Love deadlifts…!!

  33. Hahahaha those bent over toes and presses. I wasn’t watching the video because I was working and I heard you say something wrong so then I watched some and I didn’t realize this was a parody

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