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12 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat In The Morning

Evidence-based: A good morning routine and a healthy breakfast will help …

32 thoughts on “12 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat In The Morning

  1. Very true and accurate! The best options are those! I consume them all, and I feel better than ever! I appreciate everything you do.

  2. Soniya Chea says:

    Breakfast in the morning❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Geno says:

    I have cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

  4. Geno says:

    My healthy food is after my yoga then weight lifting. Oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon.and a banana. Or 2 egg sandwiches with my smoothie filled with blueberries and blackberries.a banana. And Greek yogurt!

  5. One of the best video i have seen… thank you so much ❤

  6. Mary Dale says:

    I have tomatoes on toast grilled with rooibus tea .one day and sometimes boiled egg

  7. When she said “ breakfast is the most important meal of the day” she lost me

  8. Lonnie NYC says:

    wheat bread is not much different than white bread.

  9. Salamat Pangulong Bongbong Marcos sa patuloy mong pagawa ng mabuti para sa mga pilipinong nangangailangan ng pabahay at iba pa sa ikauunlad ng bayang Pilipinas.

  10. Steph TheOne says:

    Top foods you should be eating in the morning? Spring Water with some Celtic sea salt. that’s it.

  11. Kabinet says:

    Just like the covid vaccine is, "fact checked", by professionals?

  12. GiovannaHI says:

    Thanks for the clip!

  13. Nina Lopes says:

    Thank you for the ricepe excellent BRAVO from paris ❤

  14. Pujan Gurung says:

    Boiled egg is my daily morning routine after black tea 🥰❣️

  15. Sauri Raj says:

    Oh oh thanks for this video I will follow these. 😀😀😀🙏👍❤🌹

  16. Sonny Ng says:

    Sound advice, except maybe skip the toast (whole or not), fruits and any shakes or smoothies of any kinds (as this is more out lifestyle convenience rather than letting the stomach functions normally) , unless it's veggies which provide the same polyphenols, nutrients and fibers as fruits and then some! There is no written law that said we must eat the same breakfast of cereals, fruits and bacons in the morning–again, it's a cultural construct.

  17. So, whole grain is no better than whole wheat bread?

  18. David David says:

    Madam canned salmon is good,?

  19. Herb Bowler says:

    Cottage cheese? ????????????????

  20. Fasting is far better than these diet. I have been talking fast for a week and my acne skin is heling day by day .❣️❣️

  21. Janna says:

    I wish cottage cheese wasn't so high in sodium though

  22. sjferland17 says:

    What color is your fruit plate this morning ? I would answere with, What color is your bugatii ? 😂

  23. Geno says:

    Sometimes I’ll eat 2 whole wheat slices of with Jam.

  24. Geno says:

    I love my salmon and chicken.

  25. Geno says:

    Usually my fast I’ll brake by eating 3 organic eggs with avocado 🥑.and Greek yogurt with blueberries everyday. Usually at 11 or 12. Great vedio thank you! I don’t eat pancakes or muffins.

  26. Geno says:

    I did my 24 hr fasting yesterday then went to Chinese.all I eat was rice and seafood

  27. Geno says:

    I started with 16 now I do between 20 to 24 he’s. I eat 3 organic eggs with avocado 🥑 and Greek yogurt with blueberries! I even do yoga everyday!

  28. Always break your fast with protein

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