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Old Cat In Pain? 5 Natural Options

Dr Jones’ Free Book..http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news If you have an aging cat that has arthritic pain, then you should be …

42 thoughts on “Old Cat In Pain? 5 Natural Options

  1. Where can you purchase the CBD you referenced in this video?

  2. After bringing my cat to the vet they put an new injection for pain and since that day my cat is hiperactive can’t sit still I do not know what kind of medication do they give to him ? What can you recomen to keep him calm ? Or can I get an appointment with you please thank you

  3. i have to use a dropper for my cat for the turmeric he hates it, i give him red reishi mushroom and a 5 defense complex, fish oil not too much my cat got diarrhea from it so one day on one day off, i also give him a glucosamine msm vitamin complex, and ashwagandha. He had lost weight at 11y old in the back and i could feel is spine when i touched him. Now with all this he regain some muscle mass but does have arthritis in one of is front leg, those supplement did help at managing is pain. So far so good he is going on 13years….. i love him so much

  4. You are a God send. Thank you.

  5. Mayra T says:

    I have a 1 year old cat with right front leg and back right pain.he had xray and dr.said normal.his been on gabappin 1 ml every 6 hours.and helps but pain comes right back.what else can I do

  6. Is DMSO safe to use on their paws? I think my old buddy has some arthritis in his front paws now on top of his hip 😞

  7. Fuzzy Meow says:

    Dr. Jones, What is your opinion of “T Relief – Pet Pain Oral Drops – arthritis”? It is homeopathic and one of it’s ingredients is arnica. There are over 12 different homeopathic herbs in there and they say it is safe for cats. Before I buy it, I want to know what your thoughts are. It is made by MediNatura.

  8. Rach S says:

    Dr. Jones, these supplements sound great if my 14 yr old cat ate wet food, but she picks only at dry kibble and eats Temptation treats. She does NOT drink water either. I adopted her 6 months ago as a rescue who ran away from her home after kittens were brought in. I've tried every wet food imaginable, now just give her anything she will eat. She is calicivirus positive as well. Any advice or comment is welcome.

  9. Pilar Q says:

    NATURAL PAIN MEDS for SENIOR FELINE DENTAL PAIN . . Would you video which supplements for Feline DENTAL PAIN

  10. Pilar Q says:

    Murray : I come from another dimension in search of mackerel (fish oil)

  11. yooperlooper says:

    Can you rub the CBD oil on the inside of Murray's ear instead ? Great video, going to check out your products

  12. I love seeing Murray as the model. He is so cuddly. That being said, these remedies are also good for humans and also dogs. The difference is the dosage.

  13. Robin Love says:

    I’ve got two boys. Unfortunately, I, IGNORANTLY, had them both declawed. My 17 year old definitely has arthritis. My 13 year old still seems ok, though I do believe he is slowing down. Would you recommend throwing everything at him at once or start out with one, progressing to the others?

  14. Jason Bulsa says:

    Add 5 mg, a pinch of black pepper to the curcumin to increase absorption 20x

  15. Ari Travels says:

    I have been loving giving my cat these all natural vitamins by the brand balanced breed. I did not like other leading brands because of the unhealthy ingredients. If you want to help improve your senior cat's pain, id recommend these! My cat suffers more and more joint pain as she gets older and these have been a life saver for her

  16. mary says:

    How do I get that cannabidiol oil?

  17. How do these supplements work on I.B.S.?
    Sadly my cat has become an indoorcat since 3 years, ergo lacking sunlight (and outdooractivity). What can I do in regards of vit D? – I would like to combine it with omega 3, because those come in capsules -.

  18. I H says:

    Can you please provide a link for these supplements or where can I buy this for my cat. Thanks!

  19. Kim F# Harp says:

    Thanks so much!! Hi do you have any recommendations for cranberry for UTI issues?

  20. Kerry says:

    What a great vet free tips 😻 can I use fish oil once daily in the cat food . I have 2 cats one who’s 10 yrs about 10pounds overweight. I have given her 1000mg in breakfast this morning. I have a 13yr elderly cat who’s tiny I have given her 500mg in her breakfast is this ok?

  21. Misagh Amiri says:

    HI jones, Thanks a lot for wonderful vidoes and information. I wana ask if I can use Curcumin 185x that also contain black paper extract in it instead of 95 that u suggest. Unfortunantly I can not find the one u suggested in my country 🙁

  22. Sunaya Kong says:

    It’s all well and good when you have a cat that will eat anything, but I have a super picky cat that won’t eat hardly anything.

  23. Wanda Pease says:

    I have added fish oil and had The LOOK. I tried to convince him that I wasn’t poisoning him, but he wasn’t having any!

  24. Thank you for this viendo😊

  25. 😐 Encouraging a healthy weight should be one of the tips too

  26. Thank you so much. My cat has been deteriorating for the past 2 months. She just started yesterday, letting me know she's in pain. I don't understand her condition, but she has been losing a lot of weight. 7 months ago, the Dr said she had no diseases. Why would a cat eat and drink normally, lose an excessive amount of weight? It doesn't make sense to me. She remains a mystery. to me.

  27. peach says:

    It looks like Murry will eat about anything….LOL

  28. peach says:

    How about smearing it on his lower leg and paw. He will lick it off as part of his grooming routine. Its the only way I can get stuff like this into my aged kitty.

  29. Emma says:

    Murray is such a cutie 😍

  30. Siminthesky says:

    i cannot touch one if my cats..too wild.and wont eat any supplements or wormstuff in his food..he stops eating then..even meatballtricks haha

  31. tone ballo says:

    Would you please make a video on cats with ostipation? Thank you for all your advices. I very much appriciate them❣

  32. Wanda Torres says:

    Can I use arnica 30c for pain to my senior cat? I seen one of your videos it was given to a dog.. its natural.

  33. C Johnson says:

    Thank you for this Dr!

  34. Linda Goings says:

    Hopefully the fish oil is no burp so he doesnt get you with his breath 😀😀😀😀

  35. UNDEAD1 says:

    I have 7 Cats inside and 7 outside so every $ that can be saved is more for LITTER 🙂 I must Meowt of my mind. Thanks for your great knowledge and for Sharing.

  36. You are the only vet I know, that treats naturally. My 10 year old cat had surgery 12 days ago to clean her megacolon out. Very healthy otherwise…but isn't pooping and started throwing up again. I have been using 2 mls of aloe vera at night and 2mls of senna tea in the morning. What more can I do….she's all I have.😿I was putting a pinch of psyllium in her food…but she detected and rejected. Been giving coconut oil too.😔

  37. What are you have that is safe for getting rid of cataracts

  38. 364janet says:

    Thanks Dr.Jones My kitty needs this… xxoo.Murry is a cutie.

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