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[Level 1.5] 30 Minute Lite Full Body Workout!

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50 thoughts on “[Level 1.5] 30 Minute Lite Full Body Workout!

  1. I hope you enjoy this session. To boost your results, you can download me as your virtual trainer and train with me with more powerful workouts anytime anywhere in my app:

    Remember, consistency is the king for getting results! I'll see you in the next workout session! 😉 Jordan Yeoh.

  2. Manwha Natty says:

    My workout
    Day 1: ✅

  3. G.D. says:

    Just another happy Jordan fan leaving a comment.

  4. PCbldg 101 says:

    Today, I was only able to survive this video until 20:09 minutes. But I'm gonna do this every day and come back to this comment 1 month after!

  5. PRGO says:

    OMG this workout is amazing ! Just finished it and it feels really good. Thanks Jordan !

  6. Catwoman77 says:

    Just happen to come across ur page. Interesting cardios from beginner to advance levels. What a variety of workouts. Am so gonna start ur workouts from tmr onwards. Thanks, Singapore.

  7. I planning stopping at round 3 but comment section motivate me to FINISH THE OTHER ROUND AS WEll

  8. vince tom says:

    Gonna do this for about a week, I'll update later, I'm done with level 1

  9. Yash Arts says:

    Bro plz tell me , If i do these 5 rounds per day for 1 month so, then my body looks like you ?

  10. My 5th week of working out with Jordan's videos 💪🥳
    Mon – Tue= Rest day
    Wed= this video x1 (I'm tired af but managed to finish it haha)
    Thu= warm up round + 10mn kickboxing
    Fri: Rest Day
    Sat: 1hr gym
    Sun: Rest Day
    My 6th week 👇
    Mon – Tue: Rest
    Wed: this video x1 (not too tired like last week 🥳)
    Thu: warm up round + 10mn kickboxing (couldn't finish the last minute)
    Fri: Rest Day
    Sat: 2hr gym
    Sun: ??

  11. I can't get why the fuck am I getting a zomato add in my workout videos

  12. Very nice, no excess stuff, just the exercises in a good tempo and dificculty. The bar in the bottom is a one more + helping to track your progress. Thanks a bunch!)

  13. An Trấn says:

    Xin vía body như Huấn luyện viên ạ❤

  14. maybe I'll stick to level 1 for a while

  15. How many calories can be burned by this?

  16. Gian Moraga says:

    I almost fucking die

  17. I love you jordan please give me your singlet and underwear

  18. Zen Trần says:

    Thanks for video 💞

  19. Jiyu Velasco says:

    is it really only level 1? Sheeeesh 🥵

  20. علE says:

    استمر انا عربي

  21. Tom Mason says:

    Love this thanks Jordan

  22. NiroNiroNi says:

    i was only able to finish up to Round 2. i am so weak…

  23. 10:23 when Jordan Yeoh takes his shirt off, motivation!

  24. KITTY PES says:


  25. Oh my GOD, I am unable to complete last squad 😓. But very impressive exercise. Good work Jordan love u from India🇮🇳.

  26. will these help in fat reduction and increasing core strength?

  27. Ankit Raha says:

    Hello! Jordan I have following your exersise for last 1 year but can you tell how much calary does this exersise burns within 30 minutes a day

  28. Had to pause the video to take longer breaks. 😂 Dang I’m out of shape.

  29. B6WS Taha says:

    how often should i do this workout?

  30. Vedant Singh says:

    Today I only completed 17 min..
    I will get the whole video in a week

  31. How much calories will be burn by doing this workout approximately?

  32. Itz Boyon says:

    Today is the last day I am doing level 1.5. Hoping to move to level 2.0 from the next day.

  33. iLLusion 00 says:

    Man Finally made it to the end 🥂

  34. Thanks for a great workout, Jordan! It’s day one and I could only complete four rounds. 😅

  35. Miguel Labra says:

    I do this workout once a week and it always kills me everytime!! Thank you for this Jordan

  36. No doubt.. This is the best workout I have done in my life.. Sweating while typing.. 🤟🏻

  37. The Shadow says:

    Hi Jordan, this is Rob from the Philippines. I follow your workout every morning and Oh my I am really sweating and I can feel the pump from my abs, hip, buns and it's a total workout.. Keep it coming Jordan.. Stay fit and keep safe and i love you… 🙂

  38. Uncanniness says:

    I found this while searching for backrooms videos

  39. thats amazing ….. thank you jordan

  40. It's recommendable to cooldown and stretch after this with the final part of level 1 workout?

  41. Fahmy Abas says:

    I enjoy this one. Thanks.

  42. Mr X says:

    23 days complete of level 1.5
    I am 14 yrs old and I am 92 kg I started level 1 when I was 92 and burned till now total
    Around 4.5 kg really really happy
    Thanks Jordan

  43. Nav..... says:

    Anyone else eating while watching workout videos🤔… No big deal, I'm gonna do it later!!🙄🙄🙄

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