Easy Holiday Appetizers | Make-Ahead Recipes

Hello everyone! Recipes for the Bacon Swizzle Sticks and the Apricot-Brie Puff Pastry are written out below. Thank you for …

20 thoughts on “Easy Holiday Appetizers | Make-Ahead Recipes

  1. Liza Roberts says:

    These all look delicious and easy to make!

  2. Tricia says:

    Looks delicious I know it’s Spring, but I’m going to do them for my Easter gathering sending love 🇬🇧

  3. Cecile Kandl says:

    “By hook and by crook” love love love ❤

  4. Karen Wilson says:

    As we say here in Alabama, Kevin, you’re a mess. I love the appetizers and look forward to serving them for an Easter Brunch next month. Anything I can wrap in bacon is a hit. Thank you for sharing your recipes and your lovely home.

  5. Kev thanks again for showing us your recipes. I am a vegan thus I eat the sliced red peppers and hummus as a snack.

  6. joavkof says:

    Mr fox is a lucky man

  7. JSwift says:

    Thank you! Marvellous! Now I would like to see a show on summer party nibbles.

  8. Siouxanne says:

    Made this last night (12-31-2022) was marvelous! Happy New Year 2023 EVERYBODY!

  9. My son and I have been sick with covid since Christmas and your videos have been the light at the end of the tunnel for me!! My son is 12 and likes watching you cook, too. He said today, “Kevin seems like a very compassionate person.” 😊

  10. Fran Meneely says:

    Making all 3 Tomorrow

  11. Memory merry Christmas Kevin it looks wonderful fire and snow and food ,

  12. Absolutely lovely, thank you Kevin! I will certainly try some of these on NYE….Happy New Year!

  13. I made 20 swizzle sticks – they were the first appetizer gone in minutes – eight people. Two people got to the dinner a half hour late and didn't get any. They are addictive. The maple syrup does put them over the top!!

  14. Change4Good says:

    Wonderful ideas and recipes. Thank you, Kevin!💜

  15. Mary Abreu says:

    Dear Kevin. I hope had a good Christmas. I am seeing the News from UK before bedtime, about the snow in the New York area and I thought about you, Mr Fox and your furry friends. I hope you are all OK and stocked up with food etc. At least you have a beautiful warm, log fire to keep warm. Take care. Thinking of you all. Keep safe warm x Mary

  16. Everything looks delightful! I'm definitely going to try! Nutmeg 🥰🥰

  17. Deb Johnston says:

    Thank you for these easy and elegant appetizers. I made the bacon swizzle sticks for Christmas dinner at my niece’s. Everyone loved them!

  18. I love everything you make! A Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year !!

  19. Issy Ness says:

    Thank YOU so much for sharing!! Beauty emanates from you, fills all your space!

  20. Louise Alain says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄 from Canada 🇨🇦

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