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DUMP & GO CASSEROLES | 5 Super Quick & EASY Casserole Dinner Recipes! | Julia Pacheco


31 thoughts on “DUMP & GO CASSEROLES | 5 Super Quick & EASY Casserole Dinner Recipes! | Julia Pacheco

  1. Thank you for watching! Here’s 5 new dump and go casserole’s: https://youtu.be/ffIGDAqRUAE 😊

  2. Any suggestions for using uncooked non-instant rice?

  3. Pasta Meatball Casserole – You used a 32 oz/2 lb bag of meatballs but said the recipe calls for 16 Ozs. Great Value frozen starts at 32 ozs, then Family sizes of 40 & 60 ozs. They sell fresh 16 oz or 12 meatballs. Thanks for the good recipes.

  4. jessicalynn8 says:

    Can I sub cream of celery for cream of mushroom? I’m allergic to mushroom

  5. I used regular rice…… I didn’t know you used instant rice do you know how long will it take to cook???

  6. For the country sausage recipe can we use ground sausage instead of kielbasa?

  7. Thank you for your videos of s bless you and your family

  8. Karen Maurer says:

    I made an upgraded pizza bake to cheers! I added green peppers and mushrooms.

  9. I wish you and YouTube had been around when I was a working single mom. I really could have used some kid friendly easy meals. My poor babies ate a lot of hot dogs and spaghetti…I am preparing them now for my husband 😊

  10. I love it😊 I'm trying it with ground beef this time🤔 will let you know how it turned out (the pizza bake recipe)

  11. I love your cooking style! Easy, fast and very little prep and clean up. Can't wait to try your recipes!

  12. My granddaughter and I are making your pasta and Meatball Casserole tonight for dinner. We are so excited to try it. Love cooking with her❤️

  13. What size casserole dish do you recommend if you were going to 1/2 the recipes? Can’t wait to try these!

  14. I can't wait to cook them! you always give us great ideas!

  15. every recipe looks good!

  16. Beth Kimball says:

    Hi Julia, I would like to make some of these for my parents and put them in the freezer prior to cooking. Do these freeze well? any tips to know about freezing prior to baking?

  17. Gabby Jones says:

    So, out of curiosity. Do you have a cookbook?

  18. Chip Tom says:

    I need casserole volumes. A typical 9×13 dish (i.e., 2.5 quarts) will usually provide enough space for most casserole recipes but will a recipe fill it 1/2 of the way? 2/3? 3/4? all the way? I need recipes with a beginning volume (i.e., capacity) of 6 cups, to fit in my 6-cup dish which fits into my counter top oven, In that you prepared the recipes, it is a shame that, at that time, you did not measure the pre-cooked volume in your pan. That would have been so helpful in that I would know how I needed to adjust the various recipes in order to get the 6 cups I need. Unfortunately you did not do that and, consequently, I cannot take the time to consider any of your recipes.

  19. Is it possible to make these recipes without covering with foil? I don’t purchase aluminum foil for any reason.

  20. Ella Kajfasz says:

    I made your Jiffy cornbread chicken enchilada casserole tonight with my daughter. She's been struggling to find good, easy meals to cook. My family loved it and so did she and her boyfriend. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Chris M says:

    I put more pepper on one bite than she put in the entire casserole…..

  22. ann patt says:

    Can you make healthy alternatives? I cant eat pastas

  23. Tammy Allen says:

    Thank you so, much for your 5 Delicious Looking Dump & Go. I will try all 5 of these Recipes one day . I haven't ate anything like this before. So, thank you for Your Channel & for Sharing All Your Recipes. I just found your Channel. And so, glad that I did. I am a Fulltime Caregiver & I Work pretty much every day. So, these kinds of Dishes would be good for me to make up & eat. And even Share with a Relative that I Caregiver for & maybe my Brother maybe even make like it too. I will tell Other People about your You Tube Channel here too

  24. Sharyn says:

    I just love when you say “trust the process”. Always brings a smile. 😊

  25. Ya Mama says:

    Very good ideas thank you

  26. seasel1 says:

    Julia, I absolutely LOVE your recipes. How about making a Freezer Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook as well as a Casserole cookbook and Easy Dump Meals???

  27. gtrdude6 says:

    Did your foil just return from the war in Ukraine? Just kidding, these look delicious.

  28. Loving your recipes and beautiful baking dishes.

  29. Thank you! Pizza pasta bake! So original. Thank you for sharing your cooking with us. Have a great day!

  30. Love your channel, they look great, maybe do a little modification to cut down on the salt in some of your recipes, but definitely am going to try some..

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