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Balance Exercises – 10 Minute Home Workout to Improve Balance

BALANCE EXERCISES – 10 MINUTE HOME WORKOUT TO IMPROVE BALANCE ⭐ī¸ These balance exercises are taught by a …

20 thoughts on “Balance Exercises – 10 Minute Home Workout to Improve Balance

  1. Hey Jessica , how do we ensure that the hips do not drop the other side while doing side raises ?

  2. uncle louie says:

    Please- the sound is so "echo-ee" it's hard to understand.

  3. Lynne Towler says:

    hey Jessica, i have done your stretches for scholiosis and it was a real big help . I was wondering if you could recommend a routine designed for older woman (61) with scoliosis and a balance issue due to cerebral palsy who has not really exercised ever?

  4. kyaw aye says:

    Thank you for vedio

  5. Your legs…are they okay? Look like horrible tattoos.

  6. Siberian says:

    I highly enjoyed your video. I have braces on both legs, they prevent me from rocking forward (unfortunately I can't do ankle lifts) One thing I have noticed if I force my moves, I get more off balance. Do these exercise's work in a pool?

  7. Ellen Diane says:

    tyvm- sharing to Ashford Fitness Society- (fb)

  8. Wow i like to watch this video sis to help myself beautiful figure 😊

  9. Fadia House says:

    Thank you for great balancing exercises. I am 71 years old and found them very helpful.

  10. John Roden says:

    Perfect! I wanted something basic as a first building block to concentrating more on my mobility and balance this is a good place to start

  11. Julie Weigl says:

    Please get a headset. The sound is a deal breaker.

  12. VERY Nice!👍🏾I like your leggings 😍 😃

  13. Ricky 02 says:

    Brilliant as always, these little exercises really help me.

  14. I have subscribed to your wonderful channel

  15. Thanks Jessica you're a smart strong lady.

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