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7 Day Breakfast Plan For Diabetics!

If you want to know what to eat for breakfast watch this 7 day breakfast plan for diabetics and you will be glad you did. To get your …

37 thoughts on “7 Day Breakfast Plan For Diabetics!

  1. John Groves says:

    I'm allergic to eggs😢 any other suggestions

  2. Painted Diva says:

    What!? None of that is anywhere close to enough calories to fuel a hamster let alone a grown human! Omg! Starvation!

  3. a ka says:

    Pre diabetic . Tried those and still hungry…not enough…I’m 5,7 9.5 stone … so correct weight…had to triple the low carb intake for breakfast.

  4. Lydia Avila says:

    Do you need to do these in order? I do not like cottage cheese though

  5. Tandoori says:

    Which sweeteners to avoid versus good ones. For instance, is blue agave OK? How about honey?

  6. Melissa Llab says:

    you cant eggs and dairy like that if you have high cholesterol.

  7. Peanuts750 says:

    They are saying vitamin E are causing many cancers in your body, I have been purchasing your diavitamins and vitamin E are in those vitamins. The alpha Tocopherol. Is this true?

  8. Thank u doc for the 7 day menu plan I think I try it

  9. What about old fashion oatmeal? I eat this with whey protein and flax seed mixed in to cut sugar spike.

  10. NIATHENURSE says:

    What If I do not like nuts, blackberries rasberries and strawberries? What other fruits am I allowed to eat?

  11. Mel Goodwin says:

    Is Stevia the only sugar substitute you recommend?
    There’s something out called Swerve any recommendations on it??

  12. Shimmerzone says:

    How do u feel about the ama recommendation for diabetics to avoid egg yolk. Studies have linked yolk of egg to diabetes ? I avoid eggs, Oats, so called wheat toast, cottage cheese all cheese. I eat raspberries minimally but count their carbs. My breakfast is liquid egg white some spice. Each day. Or a side garden salad with a low carb dressing and I watch out for added sugars. I'm pre diabetes determined not to end up like my parents.

  13. I need food choices. I’m allergic to avocado and can’t eat chia and cottage cheese. I’m lactose intolerant. I’m going crazy. I can’t this I can’t eat that. I don’t know what to eat. 😢

  14. Is chis seed good if you have digestive issues ?

  15. Sharon Boyd says:

    What kind of bread to eat? I'm type 2. I have been eating Sola bread I'm to eat avocado don't like the taste, but I want to be healthy my A1C 5.7

  16. Sharon Boyd says:

    What about the cholesterol in eggs if you are watching your cholesterol?

  17. Kusum Narang says:

    What is good in place of egg

  18. Willie Wonka says:

    Saw a video that explains how blood glucose damages interior features of blood vessels throughout the body. This appears to be the origin of inflamation in the circulatory system. I wonder if future research will determine if build up of cholesterol and calcium are actually the bodies response to this long term inflamation.

  19. Good suggestions😊!

  20. Can diabetics eat oxitail?

  21. Penni Royal says:

    I rarely eat eggs because I have high cholesterol. At 63 my normal weight for 45 years is 98-102 except pregnancy and when I’ve been pre-diabetic. My 2nd baby weighed 10% of my normal weight 😮 this was 35 years ago. I take high dose statin because I have high cholesterol and have for decades even though I eat primarily vegetarian food. I eat gluten free because I am allergic to gluten I have an anaphylactic reaction (I break out in hives and ma daughter throws up) and this started 20 years ago. Instead of getting depressed I am choosing to be grateful that I live where good medical doctors are plentiful (I already made an appointment to see my doctor in 2 week for my new symptoms) I have access to produce and healthy food a mile from me and YouTube doctors to help educate me alongside books from my local library.
    Thank you 🙏 for providing valuable knowledge.

  22. I tried steel oats they take ages to cook. Grains including oatmeal and cinnamon not recommended for fatty liver.

  23. Where do you find the recipe for each day?

  24. MsGemstone says:

    Do you recommend low fat cottage cheese or regular for diabetics?

  25. He didn’t tell me one thing that I can get out a restaurant and eat

  26. Olga Chavez says:

    Thank You So Much!!

  27. I want to thank Dr Ozuka for helping me get rid of diabetes type 2 completely

  28. ket1217 says:

    Is there a dairy free cottage cheese? Im lactose intolerant

  29. All thanks to Dr Ozuka for helping me get rid of my type 2 diabetes

  30. How many grams of chia seeds in a day ?

  31. Celeste M says:

    Have gut issues NO Steel Cut Oats for me too harsh

  32. How to make chia pudding?I keep diet but is hard

  33. Hsuan Chen says:

    I have gestational diabetes. I'm a very fit individual, I have exercise habit and I immediately switched to low carb diet after I was diagnosed. Why is my morning fasting number always > 120 and my 1 hr after meal glucose tests are mostly 140-170?

  34. jrae says:

    I am not a diabetic but it is nice to have some ideas for healthy variety…I just double the ingredients lfor muscle training.

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