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500mg Blue Dream CBD Vape Pen Review | Wild Hemp x SMOK

Trying the Blue dream strain from wild hemp disposable Vape collection! Have you had them or any of there flavors? Enjoy my …

35 thoughts on “500mg Blue Dream CBD Vape Pen Review | Wild Hemp x SMOK

  1. thank y'all for tuning in! Just dropped a review over "Pineapple Express" strain from this company!! https://youtu.be/puA8kRntg04

  2. Johnny Bravo says:

    I know this a dumb question but do it get u high 😂🤔

  3. We're do I get these ?

  4. Long says:

    U fake hitting

  5. I got one blue dream too

  6. fluffy says:

    Oh and I felt good as a MF too. Lol

  7. fluffy says:

    Grape ape 500 mg is good. My damn pen battery 🔋 dead I have half Left. I'm so pissed I paid $53.00 at the tobacco shop.

  8. What do you mean by flower

  9. Joanne Azeez says:

    Thanks for sharing

  10. So does it hit like street weed or thc vape or delta 8 or nicotine pen?

  11. basically chemicals

  12. what u are smoking is synthetic thc, u are better off smoking plain cbd that is the best

  13. Peter says:

    what do you feel ?

  14. AuntFANY says:

    Pineapple is the best! I like these out of all the cbd products!

  15. Is there any way to contact you?

  16. bro it smells like bud cause cbd IS from the hemp plant. its just . the thc has been extracted and cannabidiol has been left. 🙂 happy these work for ya! they help my anxiety right away its fkn magical. that was a BIGASS puff ya took at the begining 😂😂😂

  17. riptide866 says:

    suppose to be 1500 puffs

  18. Katrina York says:

    Do they id you when delivering or just drop it in the mail my guy?

  19. Tried grape and not gonna lie the taste is YUCK but I endured lolol

  20. HIJO DE SUU says:

    Would this come out positive in a drug test?

  21. Does it have nicotine in it? Or just CBD?

  22. How much thc is in this pen??

  23. Travon Jones says:

    Do it get you high? I have a delta 8

  24. stacey Klug says:

    yes people are so weird. you have to love internet trolls

  25. Will Smoke says:

    I just bought the ogk haven't tried it yet

  26. Will this affect a drug test?

  27. *+*Otter*+* says:

    Mine just died sadly it died before the juice even ran out. It's a waste of money I do NOT RECOMMEND it.. the fact that it doesn't provide you a way to charge it is retarded in my opinion.

  28. Ivan Petrov says:

    Man,you are KRS ONE!!!!

  29. BusaDad8680 says:

    What is the best CBD flower brand that you have had? Just bought a blue dream just like you got pulled it out of the box and it want hit so returning it for another going to buy a different flavor so will let you know how it tastes and what kind I get

  30. Nolay Yarde says:

    Where can I order one?

  31. Cindy Strong says:

    So this cartridge has no thc?

  32. Cindy Strong says:

    Is there any flower with NO THC?

  33. Live2Die says:

    Ayyy I’m smoking on some Colorado cure cbd it’s fire

  34. Lol your funny you remind me of my buddy quan i grew up with that moved to nc he was a good dude still is just makein bad choices where hes at when he would come back to visit we would get ripd ripd lol and just laff

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