30 minute Walking Workout at home // Fun Low Impact Dance Cardio!

Thank you for joining me for this fun walking and dance workout! I hope you love it as much as I do, this was a blast to …

32 thoughts on “30 minute Walking Workout at home // Fun Low Impact Dance Cardio!

  1. I rotate through many of your workouts. At 66yo I began to feel very stiff and off balance – lots more than I felt my age dictated. As I have arthritis, I have hesitated to do a lot of workouts or go to the gym as my fear of being hurt is greater than my dislike for being out of shape. BUT, for the new year I decided now was the time. I tried several on YouTube but then found your series. I have stayed consistent 5 days a week for 4 weeks now and can already tell the difference. I feel stronger, have more energy, and more importantly, I am so proud of myself for sticking to it! Your workouts are perfect for seniors (an often forgotten group), don't take up but a half hour of my day, work the WHOLE body, and ARE FUN!! Thanks for taking such good care of us "old folks". Valorie

  2. GEMINI GEM says:

    I’m scared but going to try yr routine. Thanks, really enjoyed yr contents.

  3. Chris Hill says:

    Male over 55: I enjoyed the movements variety. I will have to work on these moves in order to complete correctly but I like the challenge. I have been working out with low impact aerobics for a few years so I have seen the moves at some point in the past. This is perfect for me to put it all together. Nice.

  4. 李芳慧 says:


  5. Catherine M says:

    My 1st workout with you and I kept up! Incredible! Loved this workout. See you tomorrow and Thankyou, this workout suits me, at 65 i found it exhilarating. Thank you so much xx💖

  6. Zina Dawood says:

    Beside that your videos and workouts are beautiful and am not even a senior yet but just watching you gives me a great peace thank you

  7. It was great, thank you

  8. Pamela White says:

    Just found your video. Love it. Perfect for me. Thank you!!

  9. Nice exercises for us Seniors❤

  10. T Joshi says:

    Lauren ,its TJ. what a workout. Fantastic.I love dancing and this one has become my favs. thanks for this. i have little mobility issues but this I could do it easy. Bless you lady, keep posting such more.
    lots of love😘🤩

  11. smita sandu says:

    Very nice workout

  12. Robert Moore says:

    My wife and I love your workouts! My favorite is the Grapevine 😊, Best!

  13. Liz Townsend says:

    Really fun workout Lauren, inventive and great playlist. Excellent start to the day! As much as a challenge as you want and finally, I can enjoy your workouts with very little adaptation for the thankfully, recovered knees! X

  14. 李芳慧 says:

    2023/4/13早上跟著您的影片,一起完成30min 運動,雖然看似溫和,確實流了很多汗

  15. Thank you for the nice workout God bless❤

  16. is that a one piece or top and bottom? i teach yoga and would love something like that!

  17. lwatlinkline says:

    Great workout, lots of different moves and kept a pretty consistent heart rate throughout. Thanks!

  18. Lovely workout. Got a nice sweat going & I feel great. Thank you & hope you have a happy day❤

  19. ang poh choo says:

    Thank you very much. I love it 💓

  20. I like this morning light dance. Thank you💃

  21. thank you
    very much Lauren

  22. Delightful!

    The tempo and variety make this workout effective and fun. I have tried a few fitness walking series, but found yours to be superior.

    Thank you, I will keep tuning in.

  23. Jirina Novak says:

    I love Your videos at 77 its great stretching for me
    , keep posting 😘☀️thank you 🌺🤗

  24. Loved this workout. Just what I needed this morning. seeya tomorrow!

  25. I am 56 years old and these workouts are perfect! Have had one hip replacement and waiting on the other one. Your workouts are helping me get my strength and balance back. I appreciate that any one of any age can benefit from your exercise videos. Don't ever stop as I appreciate them immensely.

  26. I will be doing this everyday….its so funny

  27. V See says:

    I find these videos stay a little too long on each hip. I develop pain within a few days.

  28. Cat Rice says:

    These workouts are finally helping me get back from my reaction from vaccine I took 2.years ago

  29. Jean Zhu says:

    Great class Thank you !

  30. Diana Rios says:

    Another great one!

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