You CAN Combine Cardio & Weights (and Should)

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    0:00 Intro
    1:08 Part I: Origins of Cardio Killing Gains
    2:33 Part II: Updated Research on Cardio & Muscle and Strength
    3:35 Part III: Limitations with the Data
    5:26 Part IV: HIIT vs Continuous
    8:22 Part V: Advice on Combining Cardio and Resistance Training
    10:23 Part VI: Summary

  2. Nice video. I've found that 30m easy run before workout doesn't impact a session but a 1h run with some pushing myself definitely does. It took a while to adapt to it but now it's like a nice warm up. 👍

  3. Bryan Kerr says:

    I'm a runner. I do about 40 KM/week, 10k at a time. I know resistance training of upper body is important. I do push ups several times per week and have seen my strength improve over time with the # of reps I can do. So, I don't see a conflict there. That said, I'm not bulking up any time soon.

  4. Alex M says:

    I ran track collegiately. It’s 100% possible to do both and find a balance. If you want to be a bodybuilder, do less cardio. If you want to run marathons, understand that you probably won’t be able to hit pb’s in the weight room. If you just want to be fit af, lift 3-6 times per week (depending on your program) and do cardio 4-6 times per week for up to one hour. Additionally, you can superset with lighter weights and functional training to combine both. Furthermore, you can skew your training more toward weights or cardio depending on which workout you schedule first and put more emphasis on.

  5. otahu Rice says:

    LMAO!!! I've been doing this Since 1996. I combined my Cardio with Weight training. 2hours at the gym. 1 hour cardio and 1 hour weights. But you need to do it all. Strength, Stamina, Flexibility
    Do it all. At least once a month outside. Pedal bike, Hike carrying a pack of 20lbs, Kayak, Row, Swim, Walk, Yoga Twice a week. Ride a horse, Garden, rake the lawn, Ride an Atv Vigorously Snowmobile Vigorously. Going Skiing in winter all day. Go snowshoe for 6hours. Keeping a Verity of activities your body will never plateau.

  6. John Deaux says:

    Picks up the 20kg dumbbells and sprints to the treadmills

  7. Its2point0 says:

    Shockingly, the human body is good at adapting to the stress you give it

  8. Greg Killian says:

    I sold my car and ride my bike everywhere. Now I only have to focus on lifting weights when I’m at the gym

  9. Steve Dow says:

    Well, I did stop doing cardio 2 years ago, and began seeing significantly increased hypertrophy! But, I made other changes, too, so…

  10. among other things, this channel can teach someone how vapid the platitude "just trust the science" is — so many caveats and ways to interpret the data, and for good reason!

  11. SinisterSkip says:

    Is this a chatbot reading the text? Just wondering. Sounds like an algorithm.


  13. Beatha says:

    Thats alot of training 😅

  14. It all depends on proper nutrition & recovery

  15. Sunny says:

    Squats are so good at working your cardiac system, they can very well be called cardio excercises

  16. I've been doing 12 minutes of elliptical running with a 3 minute cooldown, followed by weight training for biceps, triceps, shoulder raises, pec flies, and pull downs. I can't go too hard on leg days because I have snapping hip syndrome, though I have found an exercise routine that can eventually cure it. I can focus on building leg and core strength once my hip stops clicking. Across 2 weeks I've lost 4 lbs and I've become much less winded when completing tasks. I need to lose 24 more pounds to get to my goal weight by August where I have my yearly physical to keep my pilot's medical. I've included a 15 minute daily stretch routine to increase my mobility and speed up my recovery from snapping hip syndrome as well. Hopefully I can make this work!

  17. Jeff Nippard changed the entire game for fitness influencers. Everyone has to come with empirical data lest no one watches their shit. Wow.

  18. Scribe says:

    Ffs as if we need research to know the obvious

  19. All you have to do is look at a heavy weight boxer to determine if cardio interferes with muscle gains.

  20. Thanks, ill lift my barbell on the treadmill now for double the gains.

  21. iamlegend615 says:

    You getting pink muscles

  22. This information is sooo old it’s a joke. Toney Horton had weighted cardio workouts in P90X3 almost a Decade ago.

  23. Weregoat says:

    Priceless information, ty!
    I've been combining running (both long distance and sprinting HIIT) with weight training for decades, because I don't think you're truly fit and healthy unless you can run.
    I'm in my mid 40s and people regularly guess my age as 20-something.

  24. I do kettlebell training so it is a combined cardio and strength but most people like to point and say I only do cardio.
    To those, I welcome you to do my cardio with me.
    Whatever cardio you are doing I can do.

  25. KJ Kinner says:

    Only one of my lifts I've had cardio interfere with was my squat probably cause I was already using my legs for cardio

  26. Nut says:

    I started to throw in a 1 mile run after 3 of my workouts, and honestly it didn't affect my squats at all, still progressing with them, and still feels hard as fuck, however I also increased my calories to make up for the extra calories loss since I figured the one major thing that contributes to strength loss is the caloric deficit that comes with the cardio.

  27. ThatOne Guy says:

    Meanwhile I'm doing resistance training AND cardio 5 days a week.

  28. Jiu jitsu proves this pretty well

  29. I am trying to lose weight so I do weight lifting and cardio both. Cardio makes me lose weight and weight lifting helps me to raise my low basal metabolism: I have gained 1.5 kgs mucsle maybe even 2 I am not sure and it gave me 200 plus calories which made my basal metabolism in a normal healthy woman range. So despite using antidepressants,antipsycotics and thrymazol I have lost 5 kgs. Also running ,walking ,lifting things are easier now

  30. You can combine steak and ice cream but they are both better on their own

  31. Eta KARINAe says:

    The thumbnail is funny. It looks like the squating dude is farting a strand of dna 😂

  32. So a caveman chases a deer 5 miles before he kills it
    Can’t carry it back to his tribe because that would be resistance training after cardio

  33. Con ganas says:

    The thing is that it’s not bad it shouldn’t be argued it. As a trainer it should be programmed into your year workouts for a block in which your resistance training is gonna go down for a bit then removed slowly or completely and start up strength completely. if you like doing it than do it but remember do the one you can do forever !!!!! not just for fat loss

  34. epistemes says:

    Something on resistance bands and hypertrophy ?

  35. Daz Moomoo says:

    People who say cardio is killing your gains 💪 what there really saying is in a lazy wanker

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