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Natural BOMB 🍊🍯 for cleansing the liver and blood vessels: 4 powerful ingredients!

Natural BOMB for cleansing the liver and blood vessels: 4 powerful ingredients! Ingredients and cooking: 1 beetroot Beetroot …

30 thoughts on “Natural BOMB 🍊🍯 for cleansing the liver and blood vessels: 4 powerful ingredients!

  1. TheJsjr says:

    Ginger is such a 🐕 to peel

  2. Can you ad orange.?

  3. Can you ad Black pepper and salt..?

  4. Don't eat tomato seeds.

  5. Ismalure 125 says:

    Doctors will tell you not to consume this health juice because ::::::::::::

  6. Art Williams says:

    Not trying to be a headache but what are you doing with the pulp? Dry it or something else?

  7. Loved1 Lost1 says:

    I would take the pulp and make a body rub or face mask. ❤

  8. Loved1 Lost1 says:

    Exciting to try this. Thank you!😘♥️🙏🏾

  9. Thumbs UP!! Liver is the most important part of the body as these tips are so useful that am following along with taking 2 tsp a day of YAKRIT PLIHANTAK CHURNA and my liver health is getting better

  10. Igor Udalov says:

    Глаза ахуели от этой смеси, аипечень та вообще выпрыгнет из организма

  11. Edith Saffa says:

    Beets causes kidney stones in people especially if you have history of kidney stones

  12. Can it be done without persley

  13. I love beets. it's one of my favorite veggies 😋 next to cucumbers

  14. Paul Welch says:

    I dont know what believe anymore. I just watched 2 videos that said don't take beats if you have a fatty liver or kidney issues because beets are hard on the kidneys and liver. Now this says that beets cleanse the liver 😳🤯🙈🤷

  15. Looks nutritious, thanks for uploading 🙂

  16. А можно это всё как то побыстрее делать

  17. Свеклу пить нельзя., выдержка 3час в холод.

  18. DD says:

    90% of all the goodness is in that sieve 😂

  19. Bryan Black says:

    I was just gonna say why ask your doctor. They wanna push medications

  20. I don't like that fact that all the fobee is sieves out. That too has so many nutritional properties. So much of it is wasted . Also thr ginger should not be peeked it's packed with nutrition .

  21. cabralzinho says:

    faço todos os dias… porem sem cuar!! pra mim não tem necessidade, as fibras são essências, mais cada um faz da maneira que preferir….

  22. Combien on peut boire par jour.? Merci

  23. 이미정 says:

    당근 비트 생강 파슬리 토마토

  24. Автор, СМЕНИ название ☝️ Должно называться "ЧИСТКА И РЕЗКА ОВОЩЕЙ", а не так как названо. Собирает лайки только👎😁

  25. Rosa Carter says:

    So, why not blend it all and add to a smoothie through your week instead of just drinking the juice.

  26. Superb 👌👌👌👍

  27. La betterave au Maroc 🇲🇦
    Plus possible c'est pleins d'incecticide
    Plus possible de la manger.

  28. Es crudo todo right??

  29. Gracias, ….pero leí consultar médico antes por que? entonces. Sale video? 🤔

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