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MUST TRY 10 Minute Vegan Recipes I Make ALL THE TIME (Beginner Friendly)

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36 thoughts on “MUST TRY 10 Minute Vegan Recipes I Make ALL THE TIME (Beginner Friendly)

  1. Jinx Minx says:

    the thing with ginger is, I will never use a whole ginger root before it goes bad, so now I just keep it in the freezer. you can grate it from frozen and it lasts forever.

  2. H says:

    I love to make basic tofu salad sandwiches with silken tofu when camping or such since it's shelf stable

  3. Vani Hansen says:

    I love watching you but I need to stay away from protein. I ate too many animals and my body does not like the protein… even plant protein. .. I'd love you to make some videos that aren't high protein. I've been vegan for the past 6 months. I'm loving it but everything has high protein. 🙁

  4. L. J. says:

    Ooh…that alfredo sauce and noodle dish is calling my name. Will have to give it a try soon. Thanks Rose.

  5. Hannah Le says:

    Thank you, Jo! As a busy mom of 2, your workouts are a gift!! You made me excited to get my butt up every morning! 🤍🤍🤍

  6. Jen Proctor says:

    Can’t wait to make the cold tofu!

  7. likechip says:

    Omg. That first dish – the tofu rice thief? SO GOOD. New favorite lunch 1000000%

  8. A J says:

    Yum. Lol. I do your uuum hooh sound now when I taste something delicious! Luv watching u.

  9. Asherzon says:

    Argh! I want to order from Thrive so badly! How are you able to receive their products? Their website says they don’t ship to Canada 🙁

  10. Your video's theme music sounds like the intro to MR. sandman (bring me a dream..
    Bum bum.bum.bum
    …) except that the last note goes up a key.

  11. Sarah K says:

    Great recipes! Thank you for sharing. Also, I love your blouse, where did you get it?

  12. Omay Caesar says:

    “Help me appreciate Dr Madida for assisting me in curing my herpes virus and Anosmia disease with his herbs”😊😊

  13. You can also microwave the cashews to save time from boiling 🙂

    Thank you for all your recipes! Been watching you since 2017🫶🏻

  14. Moca McCarty says:

    Dara Bethany – AMEN TO THAT! The second that happened I immediately had to stop watching. Would like the recipes but never watching the video again 😖

  15. Can I do it with hempseed instead of cashews ?

  16. Git Box says:

    Been using silken tofu as a super quick easy creamy sauce base. Add some spices, maybe some lemon juice or a vinegar and use a stick blender and you have quick creamy sauce in like 5 minutes. Started using that instead of the more time consuming cashew sauces

  17. suzanne soto says:

    ❤what can I use instead of sesame oil that has a similar taste I have not always been allergic and miss it 😢thank you for your easy recipes ❤

  18. The Legend says:

    When you are into cooking, U should be a part of KHAL PLATFORM


  19. Sam Malo says:

    Where did you get those little bowls with the spouts? The sauce ones in the Korean cold tofu part of the video? I’ve been looking for ones like those with no avail 😢

  20. Bridie313 says:

    God I wish I could watch your videos but the eating noises are so gross (to me! I know some people like them) that every time I load one within a few seconds I have to stop. 🙁

  21. LaEva Wit says:

    I love these! I can't wait to try them☺️ it's weird to say that the beans are the protein in the Alfredo dish bc the cashews have more protein per cup I believe. At any rate the cashews are also a wonderful source of protein. The beans also are a super great source for fiber in that dish🍻 yum!

  22. HashBuddha says:

    Idk how I feel about uncooked tofu over rice but it is in fact cheap lazy and vegan so idk what else I was expecting.

  23. Purple Moon says:

    Rose, julienning carrots is not for the lazy! It always takes me forever!

  24. The Alfredo sauce is the best and a repeat recipe in my house. Cannot wait to try the other 2. Thanks !!!!❤

  25. Kari Mylo says:

    I absolutely love your big bites! That's real and you know it must be good! Trying all of these.

  26. A C says:

    Aghh having a nut allergy and hating tofu makes vegan tough for me. Seeds are usually in nut factories so they give me rashes.

  27. I’m pretty sure Thrive is not available to Canadians.

  28. Girrrllll I tried the sauce for the noodles, and it was so good. I was so surprised at work. Oh my God you have changed my life❤

  29. Always great recipes!

  30. fbbWaddell says:

    I can eat all of this(using gluten free pasta). This is my new favorite nondessert video!

  31. "you have to soak your cashews"
    clicks off
    😂😂 kidding! loved these recipes thank youuuu

  32. Teresa Parry says:


  33. A V says:

    Love your shirt! Where did you get it? I want one!

  34. J F says:

    About 6 years ago when I went vegan your Alfredo sauce recipe helped me so much!! I now have so many different iterations of this! Thank you so much! Really!!

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