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what I eat in a week for DINNER | simple, fast, cheap vegan meals

veganrecipes #whatieatinaweek #dinnerideas Instagram: sydtheslyfox Welcome to another video! I’m a grad student who loves to …

24 thoughts on “what I eat in a week for DINNER | simple, fast, cheap vegan meals

  1. Syd Sly says:

    Thank you all so much for your participation in my survey!! I've received plenty of responses, so I've taken the link down! Love you all!! ❤

  2. Absolutly LOVE these recipes! So jummy & easy. Thank so much for writing down the recipes including the description. That really helps a lot.

  3. Star Bright says:

    I'd love to participate in your survey but I don't see the link?

  4. no name says:

    I just made the first recipe. So good!! Thank you!
    Next week i will do the last recipe.

  5. cornstar says:

    Where's the beef?

  6. Jo Basaysay says:

    do you have an ig account so that i can follow? love love the vids

  7. Amanda Black says:

    I saw the link to your questionnaire while on vacation last week and set myself a block of time to complete it this week, so this video is timely for me! Thanks for making the time to build us this lovely content while undertaking such a feat as completing your Master’s degree. ❤

  8. Wow the curry looks awesome….

  9. Olivia Duca says:

    9 years vegan! Choose to go vegan for my health and the animals as a freshman in college at 18. I will die vegan because the animals deserve LIFE <3333 Participating in your research, so excited too! Goodluck <3

  10. I love how effortless your cooking is! and good luck with your masters! consider the form filled 😍

  11. Hi! Quick question! I've been vegan for a while now, but due to a relapse in my eating disorder and me wanting to recover, my ed nurse has decided it would be best for me to consume eggs until I'm at a least dangerous weight–would it be okay if I filled the survey? Completely understand if it's not though!

  12. I just love one pot pasta meals, they are a staple in my house, great for busy work night meals that are hearty and so yummy. The left overs are awsome.

  13. All the meals look tasty and simple.

  14. I would love to participate but it won’t be until later I hope that’s okay?❤

  15. I would like to participate but idk if I have the time. I have dyslexia so quizzes often take 3x the estimated time when I take the

  16. Great food as always and happy to participate in your research. I’ll do it now.

  17. Iwill be going vegan now

  18. Chip Newkie says:

    Hey just finished the questionnaire, Was done on my phone/microphone so I apologize for the Frequent run ons and improper Capitalized letters. I had fun answering your questions and I’m very excited about your research and very glad I could help! good luck with your thesis!

  19. K A says:

    So cool about your research!! My husband and I will fill out the surveys tonight! Yummy recipes as always, appreciate you!!

  20. lea says:

    the vibes are immaculate, your videos are so comforting <3

  21. plantyflavor says:

    Omgg these all look so goood are you kidding??

  22. Miriya_h says:

    Love to help you out for your project! Can’t wait to try the potato curry yum

  23. Kim Dalton says:

    Another great video. So good to see your beautiful face!

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