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30 Min MIGHTY Full Body Workout – Dumbbells | Caroline Girvan

A full body workout hitting all of the major muscle groups in the upper body, and using static lunges as a staple to target the entire …

36 thoughts on “30 Min MIGHTY Full Body Workout – Dumbbells | Caroline Girvan

  1. Shell says:

    Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. The flowers always seems to be really pretty too 😉lol not too sure why that is😊

  3. Been looking for a workout to keep me inspired. This is definitely the one for me so far was able to get to the end of this without too much of a struggle❤👍

  4. Romi says:

    Thank you, Caroline!!! ❤❤

  5. Hannah Miles says:

    30lbs and 5.5kgs 💖

  6. Thanks so much Caroline! The sunday morning workout I love

  7. Victoria V says:

    The only thing is that I hated how many lunges there was 😭

  8. gaildevotie says:

    Love your workouts girl! Just started getting them. 😊

  9. Love love love this work-out! Thanks!

  10. F Khan says:

    I’ve just started strength training 4 days ago and I recovered today from sore muscles! I will watch you video and do it at home as I can’t go gym. Are these compound movements? And i need to follow this workout for 4 weeks minimum to see a change as I don’t want to keep changing workouts.

  11. Just what I needed!! <3

  12. Only got to 20 minutes but I will keep coming back to perfect it

  13. Aida Sanz says:

    Thank thank thank💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  14. Thyiff says:

    Repeated in 2023!! 🎉


  15. Sonia Givray says:

    Love this… thanks a lot

  16. Harry Smith says:

    Love! Love! Love Caroline! Thank you so very much! ❤️❤️

  17. Maxi Witrak says:

    that finisher was brutal in the best way!!

  18. fayossyPT says:

    After workout, my leg still burning.

  19. Dom Dom says:

    I feel for the owner in a way. I also was a softie and maybe still am. I understand her feelings but what hurts me more is how people used this soft

  20. Sen Do says:

    Bro I loved this video SO MUCH. I really hope you do more

  21. This was great. I swapped out dome squats goblet and sumo instead of some lunges
    And paused often!!
    Thanks Caroline!!!

  22. FC Julian says:

    Why u yalk to much at the begging is at work out of a master class

  23. I did this workout on Saturday and oh my gosh! Loved it.

  24. vanessa says:

    name of the song on minute 18, please 🙂 thank you!!

  25. C P says:

    Fire! Thank you!

  26. I’m on my second round of doing your videos and I still love them!! Thank you!! 😁❤️🥵and I especially love the last song!!!

  27. Pedram Bn says:

    its 30 mins for you 1 hour for me lol

  28. ladybread. says:

    wow, i did it! Im so proud of myself

  29. Great workout! I do agree with Rebecca G. that the lunges were a little repetitive. I'm also not a huge fan because they make the toes on my back leg sore. Otherwise awesome, thank you Caroline!!!

  30. jesus per says:

    tank you! you made my day!!

  31. Nunya Biz says:

    Men of culture we gather here once again

  32. Veta McCoy says:

    Amazing quick morning workout

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