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The Differences Between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) | Procana CBD Review

The Differences Between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) | Procana CBD Review I just got this 1:1 tincture and I’m …

19 thoughts on “The Differences Between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) | Procana CBD Review

  1. Will Weed says:

    CBG works because it lowers and/or suppresses cortisol. The best way to use it to its fullest is to extract the oil. You can make it stronger by adding CBD and THC. You can give to your pets but you either want to skip the thc or if you use thc give them a tiny amount. It's best to make your own oil using alcohol extraction. Look up Rick Simpson Oil and use his technique. I also used the combo when I had Covid. I had it for 2 days and it saved my life. Look up Covid and CBG. There is a study on this. A school in Oregon is conducting this research.

  2. I got vape pen not used CBD + CBG what is that good

  3. PAVEL JAKL says:

    She is very pretty..😍🥰

  4. Purple Army says:

    I get the same Euphoria that I get when THC Haze initially kicks in but without the high, anxiety and panic attacks that follow THC Haze. I love it (CBG Isolate)

  5. Norman Islas says:

    Try Weed Born CBD

  6. Thank you for this video. How much do you guys take a day?

  7. kriket smith says:

    This is my first time ever hearing of of CBG. My goal was actually to find CBD products because I’d like to design a healthier alternative for lotions, creams, + moisturizers – completely chemically free. Instead, along my search, I found CBG. Is there anyone willing to discuss their CBG experience in further detail? Or may I personally send anyone an e-mail regarding CBG and maybe even CBD? I’m really committed to creating this product and would appreciate anyones interest and/or participation.

  8. Renee Farley says:

    I use high beauty for my skin! It has CBG in it, and has helped my skin so much! I loveeee CBG

  9. Why is it that when I use cbd I actually get high like as if I was on thc? It’s really crazy

  10. great video. I get my CBG isolate from eden's herbals.

  11. Andy McBlane says:

    CBD is psychoactive by the way

  12. DrSource says:

    Please get rid of loud music at start of your video. I had my ear buds in and couldn't turn volume down fast enough. That's really inconsiderate you don't need to blast loud music. Just say what your gonna say. Please

  13. Jojo Chang says:

    have you sent the product to a lab to see if it really does have all the cbd and cbg levels?

  14. Tao Master says:

    Omg pls fix mastering audio when you export clips my my ears died on intro and your mic audio is so low i will not watch this video im sure i will get ear raped in the outro

  15. Σ says:

    CBG makes my life liveable

  16. Thank you, Torey! Glad you like it. 🙂

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