Salad Isn't Boring, You're Just a Terrible Cook

shorts Song: Plastic Love -mariya takeuchi.

42 thoughts on “Salad Isn't Boring, You're Just a Terrible Cook

  1. SenyaiGrubs says:

    Recipe that I loosely followed:

    – I prefer to go a bit lighter on the bread. Yes I know that makes me sound lame but otherwise it just kinda eats like a sandwich and if I'm in the mood for veggies and dietary fiber then gosh darn-it I'm gonna get it.

  2. Love this song bro

  3. Xeno says:

    “I’m not here to bully you, we’ll maybe a little bit” I think we all need that

  4. C. Watson says:

    "Making new salads is like puberty". So they'll make me suicidally depressed? No thanks.

  5. Zainab Ali says:

    uhm what if we do not like salads well my sister likes them but me i eat burgers and salads on the burgers k

  6. Try cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese and olive oil. Serve with wheat bread. Top notch 👌

  7. The restaurant I work at is called Panzanellas pizza

  8. Myster. Myst says:


  9. Ricky says:

    Appreciate the choice of song, very nice

  10. I've eaten better less bland salad for much less than this overpriced bland bowl
    Seriously, be better
    Especially when you have the nerve to call people terrible cooks when you yourself did what you critiqued.

  11. I like my week old lettuce and ranch

  12. goji_24 says:

    fruit salads are better than 90% of other salads.

  13. GF says:

    I like to put rock salt, pepper, sesame oil and sesame seeds on my salad and it’s the bombest ever.

  14. Zoink Films says:

    This shi looks fire 🔥

  15. But I only have 5 minutes and no self worth

  16. BottomG says:

    I saw that 🍅🥒 🍅. 💀

  17. luna says:

    My salad consist of some cucumbers and lettuce and a sprinkle of salt 😎

  18. Diana L says:

    I have an easier one.

    Give up and buy one of those salad mixes from the grocery stores. The ones with like 5 types of leaves in there, pre-washed, pre-cut, pre-matched. Some have corn. Others have red leaves. Some are crunchy, others are soft. Some have carrots, some have cabbage. Find your favorite.
    Add cherry tomatoes that you cut in half. A handful is enough.
    Add some form of protein. Leftover meats are amazing.
    If you want cheese, go for some fresh variety. The matured ones tend to have too strong of a flavor and need to be more carefully paired.
    If you're brave and know what you're doing, or if you're really, really bored, throw in some fruit. I like raspberries. If it feels weird, remember tomatoes are also fruit. BUT stick to just one weird ingredient.

    You know the fancy-looking balsamic vinegar bottles with different things added like strawberry puree, lime zest, or some weird thing you never thought would be good in a salad? Try it. If you don't do anything else, this kind of dressing will make the most basic salad ever into something that's not boring.

  19. NORA says:

    You made salad shirazi with cheese😢 why 😢 why

  20. Bryn says:

    He fr compared puberty and cooking yet still making sense

  21. I was about to make this but unfortunately I'm all out of self worth

  22. WU says:

    no, i just don't like raw tomatoes, nor any dressing

  23. The Meddite says:

    My biggest issues with salads is a lot of resturant ones are just watery as hell with basic flavors.

  24. Ivy Hurren says:

    That’s my fav salad lol

  25. Ty Bordeaux says:

    My dream salad would be cheese and cucumber and carmlized onions

  26. shl 636 says:

    Dont wanna be that guy but western cuisine can really use some more cooked veg dishes

  27. What he distributed at the beginning is just the school sald

  28. Ak Ag says:

    don’t use mozzarella, use feta

  29. I like putting pasta on pepper slad

  30. Fresh ingredients. That's the secret.

  31. Jet Mania says:

    I do like salad and don’t understand why they are so underrated?!

  32. Daddydylan says:

    Bro talks at exactly 95 beats per minute

  33. Aavya says:

    The moment you added two small tomatoes under a cucumber to make it look like a 🤫 was i the only one that caught that

  34. Mike Coleman says:

    I've always made this salad with feta instead of mozzarella.

  35. denise marie says:

    The best things in my salad was Oly kraut and trader Joes creamy vegan dill dressing and a few veggies on iceberg .I ate a huge bowl every nite !!!❤So Yummy!!!❤❤❤

  36. I don't usually make salad, because a kg of cucumber is 5.99€ and kg of tomatoes is 7.99€, summer is the exception, because the price of these two go down 75%.

    I do have some cucumber for bread toppings and if I happen to have some left over pork or chicken, I do make a salad for them. I get my vitamine C from onions, which are less than 2€ per kg and I can eat them raw or cooked.

  37. Kachow says:

    I literally cannot eat salad unless they have like a whole f**** bunch of meat or a whole bunch of ranch, you f**** called me out bro.

  38. OsagieStarz says:


  39. I make good salads.

  40. TheWrongOne says:

    lol I love your humor and personality ugh why can't I find a dude like you

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