Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana: Both sides of the issue

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9 thoughts on “Recreational marijuana: Both sides of the issue


  2. FAIsurgery says:

    Vote for Democrats to legalize marijuana. Republicans are the ones stopping it.

  3. What about the kids , smh.
    Selfish adults.
    What about people who have allergies ?
    Bunch of addicts.
    Luckily there are SMOKE FREE properties.
    65% voted yes .. most were probably business owners ready to take 22 and 23 yr olds parents money, Because they will be to lazy to get jobs.

  4. raineman says:

    Funny how the church and marijuana have coexisted for 2000 years just 100 yrs ago they made it illegal. That's about the time the family unit started to split. For me. On the sixth day god completed his work and called it good. Do YOU know better than him? There was only one PLANT we weren't allowed to eat from. Was it Coca? Peyote? Poppy? Marijuana? Mushrooms?No I don't think it was any of those.

  5. MommaKat says:

    The people that risked their lives , going out in a pandemic that was new and very scary for a lot of people. But the people went out and voted. I did, I knew exactly what I was going to vote for. I was so happy , when recreational and medical marijuanas both got passed… And here I sit with nothing but bewilderment 😕 I understood what I was voting for.

  6. aryan jacobs says:

    this mayor definitely gets a cut from illegal marijuana trade 😂

  7. white Owl says:

    For better then a 100 years South Dakota has treated its population incredibly poor. Most of which are Native Americans. If there is anything SD cares about its jails and such for they have turned there legal system into a huge money maker.

  8. Legalize cannabis federally within each and every state. This way, irrational prohibitionist politicians can't obstruct and prevent legalization against the will of the vast majority of Americans whom support full federal cannabis legalization nationwide. Treat cannabis exactly like we treat far more dangerous and deadly yet perfectly legal alcohol. Legal in all states.

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