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Happy Family, Living in Beautiful House | Organic Food Cooking | Village Life | BijayaLimbu

Happy Family, Living in Beautiful House | Organic Food Cooking | Village Life | BijayaLimbu #bijayalimbu #nepalivillagelife …

48 thoughts on “Happy Family, Living in Beautiful House | Organic Food Cooking | Village Life | BijayaLimbu

  1. Какая милая и красивая семья.

  2. Хорошая молодая семья , на мой взгляд трудные жизненные условия , но люди привыкли и радуются жизни . Молодцы!! Природа удивительная!!

  3. anurag rao says:

    Where is this beautiful place.

  4. Beautiful day and life

  5. Натали says:

    Красивая пара все делают вместе👍жувут как в раю,мне очень понравилось

  6. Farm Life says:

    married life is very happy. Wish you all good health.

  7. Masak Gayeng says:

    Keluarga bahagia hidup di pegunungan masak sederhana

  8. Tudo isso é o poder de Deus !!!

  9. Que gracinha essa familia viver com tanta simplicidade e feliz !!!

  10. So nice, peaceful and worthwhile 🫶 This is really amazing people try to hide their lifestyle and just want to show highlighted parts of their life which look classy and fancy but you documenting and accepting yourself really looks comforting, make more of it, accept and love your life you live in heaven, there might be a lot of struggle which we don't see but you're definitely living a wonderful life ❤ more power, respect and love to your family 💐

  11. Aya Aya says:

    Pekerja keras semoga rejekinya lancar ya saya dari Bali,lndonesia 👍🙏

  12. Zagros PH says:

    perfect perfect thanks

  13. I think all people should live like this off the land. God gave us everything we need if we only give up the man made things we think we need. This is so much more peaceful than living in a city where theres so much noise and vehicles are beeping their horns everyone seems to be in a hurry.
    This type of life you have fresh air a beautiful view and peace of mind. ( And that you can’t put a price on) water, land the sun and earth. Family love ❤️

  14. Какая чистая семья,кругом порядок, ребеночек чистенький, мама чистюля, папа все помогает приятно смотреть.🙂

  15. Missy says:

    Amazing video. 📹💯💯🌅🌅🌅🌅🌅🌹🌹😃

  16. Missy says:

    Beautiful family. 👪❤❤❤❤

  17. Горный воздух, родниковая вода,мечта любого

  18. Залина says:

    А вот это семья уже во всех отношениях и чистая и моет и вообще молодцы я считаю что именно вот таким надо помогать а не той грязнуле

  19. skbn113 says:

    I couldn’t do that. Much respect. (But the views are out of this world!)

  20. Ponnu Jose says:

    Very good life. Beautiful eariya. Cut bebi. I love all 🥰❤️❤️❤️🙏

  21. Milli says:

    This how women who are not gold diggers end up.

  22. Angel Nm says:

    ❤🎉🎉 very happy family … Relief from this modern era .. STAY SAFE 😊🎉

  23. Tuh sapi nurut banget, kandangnya di samping kompor 😄😂

  24. Все рядом: и очаг, и готовка, и скотина…

  25. Interesting! Why they cook the grass for animals? I never ever heard of cooking grass for cows or sheeps!

  26. Mangunguma says:

    Simple life is a Happy life

  27. Dya Boedi says:

    semoga mereka selalu sehat ,jangan lupa membantu untuk kehidupan mereka setiap hari

  28. They have to let their cows and goats stretch their legs! It is absolutely torture to tied them up in one place and just feed them!

  29. Josh says:

    i want that life im sick and tired here in city i need peace of mind

  30. In NEPAL, it is much better than living in the ZOMBIE LAND, the United States of AMERICA. As compared, AMERICA NOW IS A WASTELAND!!! THE LAND OF DRUG ADDICTS AND "ZOMBIES."

  31. Семья хорошая. Кругом поддерживают порядок, чисто, сами аккуратные. Молодцы.

  32. मेरो नि हेर्दिनु है ब्रो

  33. Каждой женщине такого мужчину и в семьях будет мир и гармония !!!


  34. Remembering my childhood years in my village in the Philippines.Everything was organic!We made our slippers,bags,etc. from maguey which were in abundance in our forest.We raised our chicken,hogs,water buffaloes,cattle,deer and vegetables was abundant.We didn’t have money but life was good nonetheless.Weaving was popular among older women.After school and weekends,we helped our parents work the fields and gardens.We gathered wild berries from mountains nearby and ate fruit to our hearts content.Missing my simple village life.

  35. Neymiş önemli olan yokluk deyil temizlikmis yani insan temiz olduğu vakit yokluk içinde bile olsa tertemiz olabiliyormus, evladinin üzeri bile tertemiz heryer mis gibi

  36. cace cace says:

    Myvillage Official videos 'tan bir nepal ailesini 3 yıldır izliyorum.İzledikce artık midemiz bulanıyor .Çok pis yaşantıları var.Videoları izlememzin nedeni o zavallı çocuklara bir yardımımız olması için Youtubeden kazanılan paraların o aileye verilmesiiçin.Bu videoyu yeni gördüm.Çocuklar pırıl pırıl Heryer bakımlı ve temiz.Hijen koşullara uyuluyor. Burası da Nepal ailesine örnek bir aile kutlarım.🥰

  37. Dan Smith says:

    If that's all you got, of course, you should be happy. Most of us, Americans compliant none-stop about how hard life is in the United States. I immigrated to the US years ago from Cambodia, have living through genocide, starvation, killings, and forced hard labor by the CCP import ideology to my country. I came here as an orphan, no money and no nothing.I lived just like them. My parent's house is smaller than my shed for 11 people.

  38. Но пострижен хозяин у
    за хорошие деньги…стыдуха
    так жить…твари.

  39. Good evening watching from mareviles Bataan what is vian ah delicious I like vege tables that's my favorite tnx nd god lbu all

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