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Easy Snacks For Sleepovers • Tasty Recipes

Recipes: https://tasty.co/recipe/pizza-onion-rings https://tasty.co/recipe/turkey-cheese-pinwheels …

39 thoughts on “Easy Snacks For Sleepovers • Tasty Recipes

  1. toby bryant says:

    Can't wait to make the pretzel using already prepared pizza dough! I love pillsbury

  2. I'm going to school and family members

  3. Bess Fren says:

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  4. Bess Fren says:

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  5. Bess Fren says:

    Bin ain din cin

  6. Bess Fren says:

    Min kin ak bm ck dm

  7. Bess Fren says:

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  8. I tried the fried hotdog and that really isn't the recipe for the right dough.

  9. does anyone else watch these to cope with their ed

  10. i’m gonna say it. nothing that involves deep-frying is easy

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  12. Leon Romero says:

    What's the name of the song

  13. Toby says:

    მიდი რა ჩენც გვიჯიგრე გვშია აქ ბიჭებს

  14. It is really yummy and very easy recipe with Detox tea from PLANET AYURVEDA which also help in metabolism and made with natural herbs.

  15. What is the purpose of putting the pretzel in boiling water + baking soda?

  16. Donasium says:

    I like how i goes from putting things in a box to making homemade cheezits

  17. Can anybody tell the name of the background music

  18. MrAnt says:

    Thats the best tutorial to get to heaven

    Im mean DIABETES*

  19. bob cleare says:

    you need to be in a gordan ramsy show your cooking skills is amazing and good quick and easy

  20. Thanks for this. Love it. 🌹

  21. Declan Dent says:

    I cannot wait to make every single one of those

  22. the mad says:

    this a great tasty wonder, this makes a simple sleepover look as a successful restaurant, with many delicious snacks to offer, th beginning of a great night undoubtedly, !MMMMMMMMMM¡.

  23. Kokonut says:

    "If only i had someone to do sleepovers with" ha- as if someone like me would say that, i prefer to stay alone in my room

  24. Ty. S says:

    "Easy" snacks but they take hours to prepare and bake 🙄

  25. Idit Taibi says:

    What's the liquid in 2:53? Oil? It looks like water. I wanna try this, let me know please

  26. 1:51 I thought they were making a whale shark '_'

  27. i didnt know you could make homemade cheezits bro thats crazy gotta do that one

  28. vela3 king says:

    I hope you eated all of that

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