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15 Min FULL BODY KETTLEBELL WORKOUT at Home | Caroline Girvan

Full Body Kettlebell Workout – 15 Minutes to work your entire body with 1 kettlebell! We will perform each of the following kettlebell …

21 thoughts on “15 Min FULL BODY KETTLEBELL WORKOUT at Home | Caroline Girvan

  1. Can we just say that,"We are blessed to have such an optimistic,caring,informative and one of the best personal trainers guiding us through thick and thin of working out and costing us absolutely 0 bucks at the comfort of our houses" .

  2. You're such a motivator!:) I've been training with you since Covid. There were times when I did a workout almost every day. It's so great that we can find here positive, free videos, even when we don't have much time. I'm so so glad you give us an example and advices for a healthy lifestyle in such a great way.:)<3

  3. Daffchilly says:

    Daily workout complete, thanks Caroline!

  4. Evergreen says:

    I sweat a lot after exercising with you ❤

  5. Using a 20 pound kettle ball and I made it through 4 mins and died 😅

  6. Well shoulders are dead. Not so much my legs or the rest of my body

  7. That was so fun. 😊❤❤❤

  8. Fantastic workout just done it after a 20 min cardio

  9. Such a cool workout. Looking for something to challenge myself. As I haven’t trained consistently for a few yrs and want to push myself back into training. Love kettlebells, I used 12kg. I’ll be looking for more like this. 👍🏻💪🏻

  10. What music playlist?

  11. Hollie Alice says:

    I'm so glad I found this video – battling with PCOS and trying to lose weight and thought a kettlebell would be a good home remedy for this.
    Your content is so easy to follow I really love it
    I opted to start with a 10kg kettlebell but I'm finding that kettlebell swings are causing my lower back to hurt, I'm keeping my form straight but not sure if it's possibly my kettlebell is too heavy for these for a complete beginner? Any tips from anyone would be hugely appreciated thank you!

  12. M BL says:

    Thanks for sharing! Amazing content, kettle weight btw?

  13. late921 says:

    38 and I used a 28.5 pound bell. I haven’t worked out in 3 months.

  14. Awesome workout! I love your vibe, always smiling.😃

  15. Love this! Thank you! 💪

  16. I love this doing it 5 days a week after cardio

  17. Pjohn Phone says:


  18. Ylul Labart says:

    This was really good got me sweating and my heart working.

  19. tim bettcher says:

    great moves,awesome workout,nice legs

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