EASY & QUICK BANANA EGG CAKE RECIPE #recipe #banana #baking #airfryer #dessert

20 thoughts on “EASY & QUICK BANANA EGG CAKE RECIPE #recipe #banana #baking #airfryer #dessert

  1. I like how he say Benenah (banana)

  2. Vine Sh says:

    ❀❀i will try this recipe

  3. Terror says:

    It’s from France, not China

  4. Owen Gabel says:

    Duch up πŸ‘Ί

  5. Looks so delicious! Especially toasted almond.

  6. Elixirdrops says:

    Ooh I’ll try this. Looks easy and yum

  7. Ras Rubul says:

    My stomach bubbling

  8. I'm from India..nd i need "kimchi" recipe..

  9. William PPL says:

    This looks really good!!

  10. So gonna try this !!

  11. egovinco says:

    Ty for adding classic baking settings too

  12. hilltownlady says:

    😍😍😍 thank you

  13. Isoka Books says:

    Only use New Zealand milk and Cameroon banana.

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