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8 Best Standing Exercises Belly Fat Workout To Lose Weight Fast At Home

8 Best Standing Exercises Belly Fat Workout To Lose Weight Fast At Home! ADVANCED: DO 3-4 Sets, BEGINNERS DO 1-3 Sets!

27 thoughts on “8 Best Standing Exercises Belly Fat Workout To Lose Weight Fast At Home

  1. mehr ali says:

    It is working I feel the burn

  2. mehr ali says:

    Brilliant video

  3. Omg…i really love this. I just found this video yesterday and i tried it

  4. Hatuneditz says:

    These were some extraordinary exercises! Thanks so much for this video!

  5. Day one it’s so easy and stil works il update every day to see if something happens

  6. Reshma Deepu says:

    Wow. Super exercise

  7. How many times a day do I do it?

  8. Ayesha jamal says:

    Kindly tell me please this vedio is for loosing belly fat or loosing weight????

  9. thank you soo much i love it

  10. Well this is my 2nd week of exercise to this video, 3 times a day and it is working. I seen results on day 4 and still seeing results. I'm not one to check my weight. I'd rather have my clothes do the talking. They are getting bagger and fitting me alot better. Today I am adding in the 11 Best Standing Exercises. So maybe when I'm in Vegas at the beginning of May i'll shop for new clothes. 😀

  11. athira Athi says:

    How many times in work out

  12. Flowergamer says:

    Idk if it worked for me I didn’t even rest I keep doing the work out when it said rest I’m sweating a lot and I am. Doing more thank you bye

  13. 21.3.2023
    1 day: sweating a little bit but it was really fun!
    2 day: still sweating but only a little bit!

  14. So i will start it by today and will update it everyday…(+3)
    Day 1: ✅ feeling good and sweated soo much..
    Day 2: ✅ I'm feeling so light..
    Day 3: ✅
    Day4: ✅
    Day5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅ 🥹✨ feeling soo good that i have completed 1 week and i am soo happy highly recommend this exercise to you all🫶🏻

  15. Саша says:

    Делаю это неделю!
    День 1:как и ожидалось ничего не изменилось но чувствую себя куда увереннее!
    День 2:праздновала др так что не делала :((
    День 3:только что закончила.Ноги жутко болят.Болят до такой степени что почти в конце я еле вставала.Ещё начало болеть сердце.Но думаю это потому что я ещё не привыкла😿

  16. Thanks for this video I like it

  17. i cant see the diffrence of this but i think it worked more in my legs and it just heart my back but this isnt meant to be a negative comment

  18. If I only do the video once will I still lose weight

  19. Iman Seerat says:

    Wow actually works. Your a life savet😀😀

  20. Great video! The exercises are well designed and adapted. Thank you very much for your videos, because they will certainly change the lives of many. 👍💪💖

  21. If it says 3 sets does that mean your supposes to watch and do the video three times

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