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10 Home Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat in 3 weeks | Yatinder Singh

10 home workouts to get rid of belly fat in 3 weeks | Yatinder Singh The video explains 10 best home exercises that you can follow …

31 thoughts on “10 Home Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat in 3 weeks | Yatinder Singh

  1. BØRñRåÇK says:

    @Yatiner Singh
    Sir this exercise also helps to reduce belly side fat ????

  2. your Name ?? says:

    Thanks for guidance but sir. Plank Walk 3 sets krnay zarori ha aur aap na har excersise ka 3 sets khe ha agr thori difficulty arhi ha 3 set krna ma to kia 2 set ya 1set krsktay ha agar hoskay to answer de dijye ga BTW THANKS FOR GUIDING

  3. Faisal Skt says:

    Hello sir… i’ve been watching your videos and its been very helpful for me. I’m trying to lose my belly fat. I’ve only some fat on my belly area. I walk everyday around 7km and do some belly exercises and high weight lifting as well. I lost around 7 kg in 2 months, and i still have a little bit fat on my belly but my thighs and butt area have become very slim now and it doesn’t look very good. Could you please let me know if i could lose only my belly fat and gain some fat or muscles on my thighs and butts area. Thanks. Faisal (Belgium)

  4. Video is best amongst all the videos exist on youtube …. All the things are very well explained and your tone of voice is very motivational …. Thank you sir for uploading such quality content on youtube…❤❤❤❤

  5. In leg raises my legs are not going up

  6. While watching this video i already lost 100gm

  7. Thats awesome yatinder bhai

  8. What if we have pain in knees😞😞😞

  9. Yogesh Malik says:

    Hello sir,my age is 36, height 183 cm and weight 110 kg.
    Me Aaj date 9/4/2023 se start kar rha hu.After 21 days ,me apna next comment karunga.. Thanks sir

  10. Monday to Saturday plan body baney key liye please sir

  11. When you feel like dying, do 10 more

  12. So helpful video sir thank you very very much 🙏🙏👍👍👍

  13. rajesh gone says:

    Hi boss good morning I am doctor Mera bizi life me gym ko janeko bahuth dhikath hore tho AP kuch help karoge

  14. Sar mere donon bacche ka operation se hue Hain Mera pet bahut nikal aaya hai kaun si exercise Kare ki pet theek ho jaaye kam ho jaaye

  15. Very Nice Yatinder Singh ji 🙏

  16. Sudipa Pal says:

    Itne achee se samjha ne k liye thank uh sir😌🙏

  17. Manjit Kumar says:

    Slim k liye koi supplement

  18. Sir yeto 10 workout he na pura din nikal jayga

  19. Manjit Kumar says:

    Sir ye exercise din 10 hi karne h

  20. Hi Sir I am happy to do the all exercise and heartly thanks for your guidance. Dear Sir after 15 days continue exercise also stomach not getting lose same as before. How I can lose the stomach fat. Please suggest me.

  21. Goyary says:

    Good exercise

  22. Abhi Sharma says:

    Can i perform this excersie routine on daliy basis ? Or should i follow the routine on alternate days.

  23. Very informative and great efforts

  24. Nit ♡ says:

    2:14 bc ye ungli Q kr rha hai 😂

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