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Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at Home Workout [FULL BODY, ALL STANDING]

Get strong and confident with this 30 Minute dumbbell workout! Burn Fat and build muscle when you do this workout. Every time …

47 thoughts on “Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at Home Workout [FULL BODY, ALL STANDING]

  1. Thank you for the great training

  2. Adrien says:

    in how many days can i get the results? i'm planning to start this in my summer vacations (50 days)

  3. Koda Perez says:

    I been doing your workouts everyday for the past 2 weeks and none have kicked my butt like this one. You're brutal Jo…but I love it!

  4. Mata Pudwell says:

    Love this❤ I wish you would make more strength training videos!

  5. Em says:

    How did you guys finish this one? That's incredible!! I got about 20 minutes in and felt like I was about to pass up and throw up so I had to stop. Any tips for what to do?

  6. NeOwls says:

    Well that was something 🫨

  7. Stephiroth88 says:

    I've been doing your 15/20 min dance party workouts for 3 weeks now, only a couple times a week (it's a start) and saw this one and thought why not give it a go. Well I about died 😂 I have never exercised before in my life so am completely new to this. Interested to know how heavy your weights were, the only ones I have (my husbands ) are 2kg. About 3/4 of the way theough the workout I ditched the weights altogether and just did the motions with you!

  8. Mia Sorci says:

    I’m not going to lie, aside from your 10 min torch videos I have been avoiding your weight workouts like the plague 😂 BUT last week I had a change of heart and realized that it’s good for me and I should push myself. I’ve been doing at least 2-3 different lifting based workouts every other day on top of the schedule and whatever else feels fun. I love them so much I wish I would have started doing them sooner!

  9. Stephanie B says:

    Apple Watch setting: mixed cardio on accident lol
    Active calories: 233
    Total calories: 281
    Average hr: 144
    Approx steps: 1822
    Used 9lb and 2lb dumbbells
    Sweating like crazy!

  10. Ladi Camille says:

    April challenge 15 days of this workout and 15 days of the Mood boost 30 min hitt.
    Alternating between the 2 for the entire month.
    4/4 🔥253
    4/6 🔥249 (sore, tired)
    4/8 🔥244 fasted state
    4/10🔥243 fasted state..HARD
    4/12🔥 240 (other settings)

  11. I feel like I’m playing wii fit with all the sounds and effects hehehe

  12. Love this workout just what I needed today ❤

  13. Excellent!!! you're amazing. Thank so much

  14. My second day of work out …first day I successfully completed the work out .. I have some body pains .. but I never drop my courage to do this work out..I'm very much motivate with grow with Joe work out..after delivery my belly is so big ..when I see my belly in mirror I lost my all confidence..but the workout and the positive words , smile from jo encourage me a lot❤❤

  15. Jo!!!! I’m 52 years old and was scheduled to get plastic surgery. A month before the date they called and said I had too much belly fat and would have to do two separate procedures. I decided to focus on getting my mind right by enjoying the journey of eating healthy and consistent exercise. Surgeries cancelled (for now) so that I can become my best self. I can fit back into my clothes again (this belly fat doesn’t want to let me go but I’m not giving up 😂 THANK YOU JO for being an integral part of my journey. ❤

  16. I shared your workout to my colleagues and friends and they really loved it

  17. really liked the standing abs portion at the end 🙂
    Apple watch stats: mixed cardio
    active calories: 290
    total calories: 342!!
    AVE HR 163 BPM
    5"9 165-175 lbs.

  18. Just finished this workout! I feel good! Thanks Jo!!

  19. I love this video!! Please post more strength workouts like this one! Thank you for sharing all these fantastic exercises

  20. I totally love this workout 🏋️‍♀️ This is my third week doing it. I do it 3 days a week, incorporate with running on Sunday, Pilates on my non-lifting days, your 5 or 3 mile in house walking as well as getting some outdoor walking in. Thank you 😊

  21. Tuku Payu says:

    Hai iam newbie from dumbell workout, i really enjoy your video, and i get nice result ❤❤❤❤ thank youu

  22. Büşra kcgz says:

    Amazing workouttt🎉

  23. Ivy Wanjeri says:

    This was a challenging one for me but i loved every painful second

  24. Karina Teliz says:

    Does anyone know what shoes she's wearing?? Love your workouts Jo!

  25. Could I know if this is cardio workout or strenght training workout. New at this. Still trying to understand the diffrence.

  26. Eflatun says:

    Does anyone know how many kilos the dumbbells weigh, how many kilos are the pink and black ones?

  27. sana butt says:

    Do you have a workout calendar for daily workouts?
    Looking for a fatloss program for beginners!

  28. Lucy DeWeese says:

    You are incredible!! This workout was amazing! Thank you!

  29. Yomna Ehab says:

    First time to do this workout and first time to be back working out after months of depression 🙂
    I could feel the burn!!😂
    I burnt total 150 calories and im so proud of myself!
    Thanks beautiful ❤

  30. I started working out exclusively with these YouTube videos beginning of February and use the app as well! This is my first week following the calendar and I’ve been pushing myself to do 2 but yesterday I could only do this video. It was INTENSE! But I’ve been battling a sinus infection so I was so proud of myself for still moving my body for 30 minutes. Thank you Jo for making working out fun ❤

  31. I have to do a pause half the workout and I thought I was going to give up but I managed to keep going even though I was crying. I am proud of myself.

  32. I pulled a muscle doing this workout 😢 gonna try this again in a month lol

  33. I want to do this workout but I have a question. Should each dumbbell be 8 lbs or should they be 8 lbs in total, i.e. 4 lbs each?Help me super jo🥰

  34. I just recently started working out with you aging I love your workout been working for four weeks now I feel amazing. I just had questions what your play list for this work out it amazing ❤❤

  35. Em Whitcomb says:

    Ah!! I loved this workout. It left me breathless and my my heart beating. So thankful I found your channel ❤

  36. Another amazing workout!!! SWEAT: Definite 10!!! I’m so happy to be able to workout again and actually break a sweat without having to do exercises that will hurt my joints. Thank you Jo ☺️

  37. Vale says:

    Is there someone who knows about exercise, who can explain, well, is it better to start exercising in the area of ​​interest first? After all that, doing this kind of exercise,where do you lose fat and gain muscle, what should i start with? I'm so confused about it

  38. Eleanor Chin says:

    another amazing workout LOVE,LOVE,LOVED it!

  39. Amalia M says:

    Thank you for another amazing workout Jo, I usually have such a hard time motivating myself to do sports but you make it so fun! Really grateful for your channel. Hugs!

  40. Omg my legs were shaking on this video…Hard!! I will def be doing this video again!!

  41. Whew got through another workout !!

  42. Kimmy Cup says:

    Great work out as usual! So grateful for you and the hard work you put in to helping others! God bless you!

  43. Lena Klassen says:

    I did this workout this morning and boy was it a good one. I'm planning on doing a growwithjo workout every day (besides weekends those are my rest days) for a month and see if I'll notice a difference. I'd like to lose 15 lbs by Easter but not sure if that's asking to much…hoping I see some changes while doing these workouts for a month…I started working out in October and have stayed consistent since then…haven't lost that much weight but was losing inches so that was a plus…but I have lost about 7 lbs since January though

  44. Wow that was a good workout. I did everything with 5 lbs and my arms were burning

  45. Angie says:

    Amazing workout! Did it all with 10lbs weights and I almost died. Lol

  46. Bianca B says:

    This workout hit different!! I don’t have weights so I used a water bottle in place for some of the movements and completed the whole workout even without the weights. Still shaking and sweating from it! ❤

  47. laura bados says:

    Screaming , crying ,trowing up but I finish the work out and I hope to keep coming back for more and hopefully I can keep up in the future 🤣

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