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Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

Kegel exercises Physical Therapist workout for women from This kegel exercises video guides …

33 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

  1. I get SO frustrated cause i cant feel if im doing it right. When i gave birth everything broke. I became one BIG HOLE. My middle flesh, my butthole my vagina, everything blew open. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  2. AH says:

    What is Kegel

  3. AH says:

    What is pelvic floor

  4. Wendy Poginy says:

    You know what is pathetic?when you tell your symptoms to a doctor several times because you are truly suffering and they do nothing for you.and then all you need is to find it on YouTube

  5. Exercise is not clearly showing in vdo

  6. The French subtitles are hiding you,so we are unable to see the exercises !

  7. How can I get rid of the terrible urine order?

  8. I understand nothing……

  9. 7 merri says:

    Michele, Its wonderful that you show us how easy and fun this can be! You are a great gym coach and a wonderful human being !!!

  10. fisa says:

    Hi , Am 9 weeks postpartum (via viginal delivery 2nd baby ) With 2 finger loose vigina , and with 3.5 finger diactasis recti gap , never done any exercise before,
    Which kegels are best to tighten vigina πŸ™πŸ’ž without doing any harm to my diactasis recti,
    Can you share video / exercises or let me know what is suitable to tight vigina without worsening my dr
    Much confused, as YouTube is fill up with many different types of kegels to tighten vigina πŸ™πŸ’ž

  11. Now if y'all could start working on your vaginal halitosis!

  12. 27Aruna says:

    I tend to contract the butt muscles…then I realize and relax them

  13. Mam please show us to do

  14. i had hysterectomy surgery can I do this .. (removed my uterus) is it good for me ma'am ?

  15. Fateha says:

    I’ve been doing it 3weeks no goal is tightening my it’s look like not improving at all .even I’m using kegel weight too I doing wrong anything ?😭

  16. Teri Peery says:

    I've been diagnosed with prolapse. How do I start your program?

  17. This sounds like a vagina exercise to me. I'm figuring not for men

  18. Nafis Khan says:

    Sorry unable see what you are doing as the words are completely covering youπŸ™„

  19. Isha Kamara says:

    I just have my first child and I have uterus prolapse so my doctor recommended this exercise I really pray it works for me

  20. Isha Kamara says:

    I have a uterus prolapse so my doctor recommended this I really hope this works πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  21. Very difficult to follow exercises with the wording taking over half of the videoπŸ€”

  22. E says:

    Do these exercises help with severe vaginal atrophy?

  23. Study says:

    Can u plz tell me is this exercise is useful in uthera stricture

  24. Thank you . My doctor recommended this .

  25. memaw says:

    I have problems relaxing my stomach muscles

  26. Is it ok to do Kegels with a pessary

  27. Reshma A says:

    So nice practicing with u

  28. We can't see you because translation words are coming from n between . That hides you in half . Plz correct that first

  29. lily lily says:

    Are all the different positions simply alternative positions, or do they each exercise the pelvic floor in a different way. Thanks!

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