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Get your veggies in with this EASY Vegan Vegetable Stew


19 thoughts on “Get your veggies in with this EASY Vegan Vegetable Stew

  1. Miriam H says:

    What pot do you use in the oven please?

  2. Sherri Wise says:

    Can I use something other than wine. I don’t drink plus if I did drink I’m allergic to beer and wine

  3. Looks delicious. What can I substitute for the red wine?

  4. Chris Lysne says:

    How do you make your veggie broth? I make my own and yours looks more rich!

  5. Beth Overton says:

    About the Bragg’s amino … i never knew you could cook with it. I always added it after/at the end. Cooking doesn’t alter it? I would be grateful for you to confirm. ❤ happy holidays to you and your family!!!

  6. I’m new to veganism. How do you make the vegetable broth? When I say I’m new, I mean baby steps, phase 1. I’m having a hard time figuring out the right pans and utensils. I thought changing to a WFPB diet would be easy, but it requires an education in the identification of ingredients itself. I’m 56 and want to reduce my inflammation but I’m probably going to need more than a YouTube short. Thank you for inspiring me to continue. 😊

  7. 😍😄 mega 👌 genialne i wegetariańskie 👍.Moc podziękowań za świetny przekaz 😍.Moc spełnienia dla Ciebie 🍀☀️🌠🥰🥰🥰 Monika

  8. Janet JM says:

    I'm wondering if it could be cooked in a slow cooker

  9. That looks scrumptious!

  10. Angela Hill says:

    Yummy! What could I use instead of red wine since I don't use it?

  11. That looks so delicious! God bless you & Merry Christmas 🎄

  12. Goodness that looks divine! 🤤🤤🤤

  13. Which red wine do you use? I never know what to use. Thank you so much!

  14. Ce Holmes says:

    What type of mushrooms and wine did you use and how long did you cook in oven.

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