Easy 1 pan desserts 😋

Here are a few of my favorite dessert recipes! which is your favorite? Enjoy all of our cooking, crafting, hack, and DIY videos.

46 thoughts on “Easy 1 pan desserts 😋

  1. Удалите это видео, кто-то действительно захочет приготовить подобное и отравится из-за вас, а вы точно это не употребляете судя по фигуре, да и самой всё это наверняка не нравится, не дурите неопытных людей

  2. Как испортить вкусные продукты))) такое ощущение, что это прикол видео, всё выглядит как помои, на вкус скорее всего так же, какой позор🤦‍♀️

  3. Does anyone know what happened to Kristin's friends channel? It's blank.

  4. monica hines says:

    I love her she has amazing recipes and I love them thank you for sharing them ❤

  5. Gross! You're going to get people sick with this raw stuff

  6. Karol Schulz says:

    Sorry but what follow is my honest reaction to her baking. Sure hope she had the window open when she was baking. Cause she needed to toss that stuff out! And hang it up for the day because her desserts were embarrassing.
    I'm not gonna knock folks with southern accents but people from the south use proper English.

  7. She is just continuing her ancestors tradition where white people can't cook.

  8. charles s says:

    man she's cooking her way, thank god . half the heffer's don't cook nothin

  9. James says:

    It All really looks so delicious OMG 😋😋

  10. Gail Hart says:

    Wish there was picture of the baked results

  11. You are my favorite. Cooking with Comedy thrown in.

  12. Mai visto dei pasticci simili, questa signora dovrebbe cambiare lavoro

  13. Ok…these starting to look like desperate deserts…not cooked well. Look nasty.

  14. I agree she talks way too much and I got tired of her saying that every desert she made was her favorite desert. My sister makes dump cake it is fruit pie filling on the bottom of her pan , three eggs beaten and poured over dry cake mix and bakes in the oven, then she uses cool whip for frosting it is really good.

  15. Diane Moore says:

    IDK… I couldn't stop watching! 😅 I thought she was funny and creative. 😁
    Personally, I don't like the cake mix on top with butter. You get dry spots. 😬 (Making a real crumb topping is pretty easy.)
    BUT, I did agree with Granny, that butter makes everything better and it all goes to the same place! 😅
    Her enthusiasm was cute!
    God bless! 😊

  16. Been there done that for a few years. But it's nice to see someone put it out on video.

  17. S. Jones says:

    Um, I had high hopes for those desserts, but they all looked like mush.

  18. harry zahn says:

    Really? This is a violation on fruits and processed ingrediance. But kudos to you. You did not burn the "blob".
    Just a recommendation. You could take a baking course. It's really not personal.

  19. @Christianjohnsonent,
    Nathaniel needs to see this…

  20. Такое дерьмо мы не готовим,вот почему у них такие задницы🤣

  21. Mam your beautiful, you can make me desserts anytime. Looks good

  22. Свинячество какое-то

  23. The only desert in this video i would consider trying is the cookie/cherry one out of the silicone cake pan, the other ones looked gross, and i really dont understand the dry cake mix thing or any of the recipes for that matter, im not sure about adding that much butter either, lol…i normally never leave comments tbh, but i had to on this video

  24. Easy? Yes. But look like a mess. You can tell yourself that you're excited because I'm not.

  25. seabliss22 says:

    Everything looks raw when you cut into it.

  26. Kathy Hurt says:

    Show the finished product before you go to next. I am from the south and am familiar with ya all but you say it almost every other word and every recipe is your favorite you can like every one but not all are your favorite.

  27. Looks yummy, but I'm becoming diabetic just watching the video.🤪😝😆

  28. Tombstone says:

    I luv her!! These look fun to do w my kids!

  29. We eat first with our eyes.

  30. I've been baking for 42 years and your desserts look like under baked hot slop! If anyone wants real dessert recipes, contact me! Grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies, Cresent cookies, Caramel bars, Strawberry shortcake, Angel food cake with chocolate filling and cool whip, Apple cake, German chocolate cake with home made icing and many more desserts!

  31. Marcelle F says:

    The only good advice I obtained here is to get a silicone bundt pan 🙄

  32. Can y’all say DIABETES KILLS?

  33. No you put cherries

  34. I agreebabout butter

  35. Blue berry with lemon cake mix I agree

  36. Pie thicker has sugar cornstarch

  37. Thank you for recipes and bunt pan tips. I want get one now

  38. everything is awful, this is not cooking

  39. Herbie says:

    Put a shirt on!
    You look way too desperate for views.

  40. Garbage food.
    This must be parody, right?

  41. T B says:

    Girl, you have got to be kidding 😂😂Looks like something kids would play in make… and have tons of fun just like you are😂😂

  42. It was looking good till you added a Box of cake mix ..omg
    Please bake a cake mix , easy
    And 109% better

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