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Can you drink CBD TEA? Benefits & Side Effects – Cannabidiol tea benefits

CBD TEA benefits & Side Effects baby! What are they? Learn some important facts about CBD tea. What exactly is CBD tea?

21 thoughts on “Can you drink CBD TEA? Benefits & Side Effects – Cannabidiol tea benefits

  1. Is it work for bloating and burping?is it make you high

  2. You should decarboxylate your CBD flowers at first (Google it)! I would recommend to make milk or cacao not tea, because cannabinoids need fat and for me fat milk works the best (you can add a teaspoon of oil or butter to your hot water infusion but you need a emulsion so milk is the best option imo).

  3. A1 Day 1 says:

    Yes CBD is extremely hard to show up on a drug screening and yes I took test while smoking .05 California CBD

  4. I had this problem too. This is what I used Weedborn CBD products for πŸ™‚

  5. I checked a lot of CBD oils. I think CBD from Weedborn is the best.

  6. I was able to do this with Weedborn CBD products.

  7. Weedborn is full of amazing CBD products. These have helped me tremendously.

  8. It's great to see this… I have healed myself as well. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  9. Nancy ONeal says:

    Can you link us to the study about CBD and social anxiety/ OCD please? I'd like to get more info on it

  10. First time on this channel, love the content and the way you present it. Subscribed <3

  11. I did tons . It just made me nauseous lol

  12. So interesting. You answered a bunch of questions I had around what issues it is good for. Awesome vid as always!

  13. πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ˜‚ you make me laugh thank you for sharing Erick just chill πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

  14. This one is new to me but I will be looking into buying some for the gut health benefits )) Thanks for another great video :o)

  15. Meandmy Tea says:

    The 1 Tea I probably will not try!!! LoLπŸ˜„ Hope you're having a Wonderful day my Friend!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘18From me!!!

  16. My dr always tells me I can't tell u to take herbs or vitamins he says I'd stay way hehehehehe

  17. Od probably would get the 15% more of anxiety for sure … I get most side effects with herbes n meds Lord help me my drs give me the smalls grams they can they say ur so sensitive πŸ₯Ί thanks for sharing have a bless day brother Eric πŸ™ prayers and peace of Jesus 😊 πŸ™ take care u looks nice ")

  18. I'd be scared to take it but seems good for those who can take it ")

  19. What in the world never heard of this 😳

  20. There are a lot of pets that benefit from cbd…we never tried it. Hope you're doing a bit better, hugs from the pups🐢🐾🐺⚘

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