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$5 DINNERS | FIVE Quick & Easy Cheap Dinner Recipes Made EASY! | Frugal Fit Mom

MEALS | QUICK & EASY CHEAP DINNER RECIPES | CHEAP MEALS MADE EASY! Welcome back to my channel, Frugal Fit …

37 thoughts on “$5 DINNERS | FIVE Quick & Easy Cheap Dinner Recipes Made EASY! | Frugal Fit Mom

  1. love this, watching the potato soup was a flash from the past. (espicially the cheese sandwich story) It is my life growing up (I'm in my 70's) This is so much the stuff I have in my pantry. I now have so much to make!

  2. Could I use almond butter for the cream cheese pie? I am allergic to peanuts 🙂

  3. I had same sandwich as a kid & I actually still like it ❤ Only thing added that makes it better us fresh garden tomatoes in summertime!!!

  4. Carrie Ngugi says:

    Your cheese sandwich growing up was literally the unfilled version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing crazy about that 🤷

  5. Jane Adams says:

    great ideas! I am going to try the sandwiches with ground chicken – my new low cost walmart favorite

  6. Donna Hillen says:

    I cook my potatoes in the microwave for about 4 minutes turn over and cook for about 4more minutes then wrap in foil to keep hot until ready to use 😊

  7. Charlene D says:

    I learned so much from your tips! Tysm!! ❤

  8. Eva Norvell says:

    Your ONION is preheating? 😅

  9. Melinda Cook says:

    I still enjoy an American cheese with miracle whip sandwich every once in a while!!

  10. Yes to the cheese sandwiches! Essentially it’s a un-grilled cheese sandwich 🥪

  11. T G says:

    You can use a beer/bottle opener to break the seal and open jars easily.

  12. M Eloi says:

    It normal! I had cheese sandwiches 🥪 all the time as a kids. Miracle whip for the win!

  13. Sorry but a cheese sandwich isn't normal the way I was brought up. But if it's grilles then yes we were up for that

  14. I had commodity cheese sandwiches.

  15. shaybob1711 says:

    I love chili on potatoes. Bean soup is also a surprisingly good topping.

    Also, a tip for cheap pasta sauce is to replace the meat with cooked red lentils. I cook up a batch of it and store it in the freezer to add to things like pasta sauce. extra fiber so super filling and its cheaper than ground meat.

  16. ✋🤚high five love green beans,but have not had them from a tin,so will give it a go ❤

  17. My favorite Wendy's dinner is a plain baked potato that I top with a small chili. Of course it's also good (and way cheaper) to make it at home.

  18. I still eat cheese sandwiches, just put them on a pan and turn it into a grilled cheese 😂 I HATE cooking and I’m not good at it but these recipes look so simple!!! Maybe I’ll start cooking some more!!!

  19. I made the pasta and sausage dinner exactly how you recommended and it was awesome. It tasted like I spent way more time on it and my picky kids loved it. Thank you! I will be trying the other recipes too.

  20. Thank you for this video I have made about a couple of dishes already. I appreciate you for sharing. The Rigatoni is delicious.

  21. I used to eat cheese sandwiches ALL the time as a kid. It was quick, easy and I could make it without any adult assistance. Nothing weird about that.

  22. Rhonda Evgen says:

    Thanks for doing all these meals it's wonderful to have on hand when you need them! And thanks for telling us to hit the like button cuz I was forget! God bless you and your family!❤

  23. We did the cheese sandwichs in my house…my mom made alot of depression meals…my middle kid(12) has health issues that cause good anxiety so he will eat none of this..my youngest 8 hit or miss..my teen(17) sometimes just doesn't care. Respectfully the dessert is cream pie..cheesecake is a baked item. Cool whip is made of oil and we like real cream from the can because we are very depressed here😉. Cream pies are great for kids(or a non-cook/baker) to make. Great video👍

  24. I used to love lettuce and mayo sandwiches lol

  25. I grew up with cheese sandwiches also… with miracle whip and wonder bread!

    My husband did too, so I definitely didn’t marry up 😂🤣

    JK… it was the 80s… cheese sandwich, kool aid, Funyuns… fed and happy me! 😂

  26. we had the same cheese sandwich, its called being poor. lol

  27. Melissa says:

    I'd love to try that soup, but I am allergic to dairy ☹😩
    Can you try to make a dairy-free alternative and see how it compares to your mom's version?

  28. Sarah Jo says:

    I make baked potatoes in the crockpot now, really helps especially now that I work third shift. Just poke them, wrap them in foil with a little seasoning salt and pepper, low for 8 hours.

  29. Diamond 💎 says:


  30. Joey Sturm says:

    I used to melt Kraft single on a piece of white bread and nothing else. It was soggy and heaven. We also had white bread with butter and sugar on it!

  31. Rebecca Fett says:


  32. As one of 8 kids we had a lot of cheese sandwiches. We always used mayo as most of us didn't like Miracle Whip. Still made with one slice of cheese and mayo on bread. That's it. We actually liked it. I still do, as a matter of fact although now I like it with cheddar cheese instead of American. Yum!

  33. We ate cheese sandwiches melted in the microwave…no mayo.

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