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The easiest one pan dinner with chicken AND potatoes!! #recipe #food #shorts

Recipe: https://moribyan.com/one-pan-moroccan-chicken-bake/

20 thoughts on “The easiest one pan dinner with chicken AND potatoes!! #recipe #food #shorts

  1. You are not a very good Muslim woman. She should be wearing a full niqaab. How come you are even showing your face in public??? DISGUSTING.

  2. SOTD says:

    looks delicious, except for the olives at the end

  3. Yummmm ❤ making this

  4. 😋 looks amazing. I’m making this next weekend.

  5. Lika C. says:

    Where is the recipe, dear??

  6. What was the item you left out I couldnt understand what you said I dont hear very well thank you.

  7. Lol the way her one eye pops out of excitement 😂 looks yummy MashaAllah

  8. Zargan-Vlog says:


  9. kara woolfe says:

    We use preserved lemons, they don't taste like regular lemon

  10. M N says:

    This looks amazing. Chicken looks so soft and delicious. I’m in awe of your passion for cooking a good life skill that I wish i had developed earlier in life! I felt quite overwhelmed with Pakistani cooking it’s complexity and time.

  11. shannon Rees says:

    Thank you for sharing this video it looks fantastic bless you and your family

  12. Nice idea! What is the name of this dish? And what temperature in the oven for how long? Also how to you add the zafran in this… soaking or just powder?

  13. What is the temperature it is cooked at?

  14. Rishabh arya says:

    Mix anything with meat and throw it in the oven are we stupid . As a chef that look fucking delicious ❤

  15. Doha Majidi says:

    Wait so you’re Moroccan and Libyan ! You’re Moribyan !!! 😮❤

  16. Andie says:

    That looks so good! I'm saving this video for later. My fam loves chicken night.

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