New Killer Fat-Burning Home Cardio! (Level ?)

30 minutes of pure cardio, pure burning! Challenge the REP TARGET to experience this session’s true intensity (Level?). If it’s too …

47 thoughts on “New Killer Fat-Burning Home Cardio! (Level ?)

  1. Total use Les work out

  2. This is one of the best cardio training videos I have seen in a while. Tough to begin with but rewarding. You have got a new subscriber 🎉

  3. s s says:

    These training is very easy , we trained harder but cannot get your shape.
    Could you make any clip in youtube about your real intense training in weekly or your meal scbedule in each day

  4. Love your workouts. Daily working out with u is so much fun n challenging too. Hoping to shred well this time. Thanks a lot❤

  5. lucre mc38 says:

    CHINITOOOOOO!!! Con todo 🙏

  6. Kumar Mijar says:

    I am daily workout on this with your video🎉❤

  7. Ashley Ung says:

    Hi Jordan, love your new workout at home. Can you please tell me those models of workout machines that you have . Thank you so much and I always enjoying following your workout. Thanks again

  8. Lali Mima says:

    I love your workout videos, thanks

  9. STALIS,J says:

    Bro i love your video so much it always motivated me, thank you so much for the hard work.
    I want to ask you about that type of camera do you use please

  10. What a banger bro 🔥

  11. Ok, today I did everything. 512 kcal burn out!

  12. Dxnes says:

    absolutely loved this

  13. sani trainer says:

    Bhai mera content acha hai ya nehi hai 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  14. Waoooo terrible!!!
    Thanks Jordan 👍

  15. Andy 2016 says:

    Nothing Special like other people do

  16. Sorry this is EASY X100

  17. Sir one video hot to men loose chest fat at home

  18. Sochet In says:

    That is awesome brother… great job. I like the color of your background hahaha

  19. COMRADE_ASHU says:

    The legend are wachting on the bad 😂

  20. Be_Islamic says:

    How many calories burn by this exercise??
    I need 1000 calories burn exercise please 🙏🙏

  21. Be_Islamic says:

    How many calories burn by this exercise mm

  22. Rohit blog says:

    How to fat to fit

  23. I was download many exercise video but i never open after download 😢😢

  24. MD says:

    Fantastic Videos, really a great workout, you will sweat BUT you will not be in pain.

  25. Bro after the hardwork of 6 days now I am able to do full video workout without skipping it

  26. Fawad Khan says:

    I just finished now

  27. Wörn Wörn says:

    Amazing cardio workout! Dope music too. Until my hate rate was at the normal level I have burned 400 cal and I had to take extra breaks. This will be my go-to cardio session and I will try to complete all exercises to burn more calories. Thanks Jordan

  28. 1st time I did 6 lvls, today 2nd workout and did whole 10 lvls. Next time try finish whole challenge. Btw, I hope for lose some fat from 18% to 15%. Yea Im kinda skinny 😀 252 calories burnout.
    Good luck All!

  29. The best workout! El mejor entrenamiento de cardio! Logrado! Thank you brother!

  30. Really superb workouts, I will try them for sure.

  31. HAng&h raj says:

    I'm also doing the same workout but i can't keep doing it till the end.
    while jumping, after few rounds my my ankles pain..
    Any suggestions how to prevent this?

  32. I hate and love you for this workout. All at the same time 😂🥵

  33. Let me humbly go back to level 2 there is no place for me here 😅

  34. Mmsg says:

    I have finally completed a whole session😂

  35. MP X says:

    Après une journée de travail, workout accompli…maintenant étirements sinon demain il y aura des courbatures. 😁

  36. Aniket says:

    Music make it easy😅

  37. Aniket says:

    Hum log aalsi he,

    Fit rahna chahte he ,
    Par mehnat kon kare…..

  38. 정재현 says:

    20분 아웃ㅜㅡ

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