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HOW TO START HEALTHY EATING: basic nutrition for BEGINNERS, tips to nourish your body. | Edukale

How to start healthy eating: basic nutrition for beginners, tips to nourish your body. All the conflicting information regarding …

44 thoughts on “HOW TO START HEALTHY EATING: basic nutrition for BEGINNERS, tips to nourish your body. | Edukale

  1. Mikenna Long says:

    Merci beaucoup pour toi vidéos! Je suis une femme américaine, and I’m trying to learn French and French culture. I’ve tried diets before, and your words are so true! Diets don’t work 😂 I’m committing myself to healthy eating habits, and I’m going to try to learn French meals from you and my cookbook (Mastering the Art of French Cooking). I’m so excited for my journey, and again I just want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. ❤

  2. Cobey says:

    I’m here because I’m starting to see the negative effects of dieting and eating whatever as long as it’s under my cal goal, it works of course but I have some side effects

  3. came to me , my diabetes 2 and HSV was so frustrating that I was going insane , then some friends introduced me to DR OGBEBOR HERBAL CENTRE on YouTube ,after 3weeks of taking the herbal medicine and cleanser which he shipped to me , I went back for my test and both results came out negative.❤🎉😊❤

  4. Me, a vegan with a new found wheat and lentil intolerance, trying to get my shit together, while battling my crippling since-childhood-sugar-addiction.

  5. Natalie says:

    what about with like diabetes? Is it okay to like not restrict as well?

  6. Hi please can you share what brand of microphone you used in this video?

  7. Lisa W says:

    Do you have a Patreon, PayPal or somewhere to donate money to your channel?
    I cannot purchase your program at the moment but have been watching your videos for 2 days.
    I am already eating better and feeling fantastic both mentally & physically, and feel like I should compensate you somehow for all this wonderful free content!!

  8. My uncle also had kidney problem and he suffered a lot. After taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda he cured very fast.

  9. Yeah, sure, I can totally eat healthy, but just wait until my period comes and I start eating junk food like crazy 😭😭😭

  10. Austin says:

    Well Wee the daughter and the family cooking b a little girl that is not the best for me the then it is a little more 🙂 and not just being able for you to be a bit late but we are going to have the same effect that you are free free be able to get help best in 👌 of the world and the other day and I am trying to get you some copy and then we will could the money and I have no desire idea it 😊 it I am trying to make it

  11. Tall Stuff says:

    there's some good recipes on "It's Better From Scratch"

  12. This is the first person that i feel is like talking to a friend

  13. Yeah you move those burger pictures quick and sneaky mmhmm that 2nd ones not a burger it's a lie

  14. Redfox12 g says:

    Your videos are so helpful

  15. Everything u told is worth it. Like your log .May you be keep guiding us in nutritive path .Love u🤗😍😍😏

  16. Cody Harris says:

    Got yourself a subscriber!!💪💪💯💯

  17. Erza Uchiha says:

    Wow she's amazing 😃❤️🙌

  18. Thank you that was helpful !

  19. Denim 223 says:

    She starts explaining how eat healthy works: 1:10
    What is Macro and Micronutrients 2:33
    Now she's going to talk about Calories 5:11
    Now she's going to talk about Portion Size 6:42

  20. Do you have advice for girls like me who have like food allergies for wheat and milk products and really struggle to find a easy new routine because . I see everyone eating croissants and other things when I cannot do this. Or pasta or other stuff and I can't eat all that. Also like cheese and everything is not allowed it's really difficult to manage a healthy diet for me with all those limitations and I really love your videos by the way I am from Belgium thanks for sharing your information with us.

  21. g p says:

    I want to see beauty tips

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  23. Jazzy D says:

    I’ve started shopping better for my family and so we are eating way much better than we used to. I’m not big on sugary foods but I ate a lot of carbs which turns to that lol. I’ve cut out sodas over a year ago and now I’ve ditched the processed refined juices. We drink water and occasionally fruit water or a fruit smoothie. My kids already eat healthy but I knew I can do better. We are all at a healthy weight and I want to keep it that way!!

  24. Awesome message. THANK YOU.

  25. I love all your videos! 🙈🌺

  26. DFW says:

    Eating healthy is good. Only takes a fews months to see real changes!

  27. She kinda looks like bhad bhabie ( Cash me outside girl ) lol

  28. This is so much more specific, well structured and practical compared to the other videos I watched when I searched for this topic. Great video, this was extremely helpful

  29. Your videos have helped me so much with gaining a better relationship with food!!

  30. ursadsong says:

    I was lost between a video and the other. Thank you so much for the infos❤️ btw you’re pretty

  31. Bonjour! Thank you for the advice. How often do you do your workout routine? Daily? Every other day? Yes, our nutrition is key for happiness and health.

  32. Marcia Vox says:

    I had a question: what does your YouTube channel name mean? Is it a reference to something? Could you explain?

  33. gotta subscribe to ur channel thank you for the info!

  34. Narelle T says:

    where are trans fats banned?

  35. vjc267 says:

    What would you recommend for my sisters friend who wants to eat healthier but is allergic to all fruits with seeds? She literally has to walk around with an épi-pen just in case she accidentally consumes something with fruit in it. I recommended to go an a green juice detox under supervision of her doctor/nutritionist to reset and detoxify her body. What do you recommend?

  36. Ok your channel is just great

  37. I emailed you and u told me to watch this video of yours !!!! Thx sooooo much 🤗 truly super helpful

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