Can CBD help ADHD?

14 thoughts on “Can CBD help ADHD?

  1. Thank you for the information, I am going to get a bottle for my son's ADHD

  2. dscham says:

    How do you get 129 million people from 7.2%
    That would be on a population of ~1,8 billion. That's neither a country (maybe India or China?) nor world population. It just doesn't make sense.

  3. savagepatty says:

    If producing videos for people with adhd, you may wanna fix the sound, that constant hiss is very distracting and makes your video borderline unwatchable

  4. What about the executive disorder!!!

  5. …any source? I don't like people giving medical advice without giving sources. It's like saying that pickle juice will make you loose weight… where's the data?!

  6. I have used Weedborn CBD products and have healed without any problems. Now my whole family is healthy.

  7. You say it helps with Hyperactivity but what about the Attention Deficit

  8. ADHD is so not just “I can’t focus. I can’t sit still.”

  9. Haviv Elbaz says:

    Can you share the trials that lead to thr 68% results.

  10. CBD helps increase my focus.

  11. I've been living with ADHD my entire life, it has given me depression because I have a harder time learning and anxiety because sometimes my mind is racing.
    I also have a hard time sitting still when I'm doing courses for the tickets I need for work.
    Combine all of this with being mildly cognitively delayed i get very frustrated with myself but with 1ML of CBD I can feel at peace, I'm happier than ever and my focus is better

  12. Good info without the bs. Thanks man!

  13. Mike says:

    Wish it had better audio. Can't watch this video

  14. Devon Hughes says:

    68.8% of people who used CBD experienced a decrease in hyperactivity. That could have been said in less time bro.

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