a salad with 23g of protein #shorts

You are absolutely going to love this delicious cauliflower, sweet potato and chickpea salad loaded with a high protein creamy …

29 thoughts on “a salad with 23g of protein #shorts

  1. Dubb says:

    can you please make something without tofu? I am so tired of it

  2. Wienerin says:

    sieht urgut aus! muss ich nachkochen, tx!

  3. Mayito says:

    Girl, I gotta buy your cookbook πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. Angelous 777 says:

    I love vegan foods, but I'm not a vegan.

  5. h lamsari says:

    You must spend half of your days farting πŸ˜‚

  6. Wendy Chen says:

    Tofu can be eaten raw?

  7. Tsering says:

    Wow,salad looks so tasty and pleasing to the eye!

  8. That's a salad! Tha knuoi for sharing

  9. Spicy and sweet… Never in a goddamn nurse outfitt..!!

  10. YeshuaMyKing says:

    23g protein is less than 4 ounces worth of protein which is a typical meal. Nothing high protein about it.
    If you took out the soy which is very bad for humans, except maybe tempeh as it’s cultured (miso and natto is too) β€” there would be little protein in the vegs n swt potato, and then some from the beans n quinoa. Besides tofu dressing tasting barfy.

  11. Eating fish and killing the fatted calf… is in the Bible. I don't eat that much compared to most and will have vegetarian meals often. My grandmother rarely ate red meat but cooked a chicken to last her a whole week– making soup and such.. She died completely lucid one month before she turned 104. I do respect that you want to be vegan. My perspective is that when vegan people go on 'Naked & Afraid' (TV show) They always eat fish or a mammal to stay alive. Growing crops takes time but hunting is fast. Yes, they do try to find berries and edible plants but it won't sustain them for long. I do think that people who eat meat at every meal are ridiculous! A balance is extremely important!!! Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  12. And Avi says:

    I'm obsessed, I'd put cilantro in the dressing and it would be perfect for me 😍

  13. Violet Moon says:

    Wow looks delicious 😍

  14. Ah, delicious…and the touch of spice.

  15. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot process soy–I'm one of them. However, it looks delicious!

  16. Jemma J says:

    Given that tofu has antinutrients, you might as well skip it here, since it isn't essential to this dish, and use something else, like tahini.

  17. Pragya Yadav says:

    Vegans don't only eat salads we eat cooked vegetables and many other fully vegan dishes too

  18. Corinna C says:

    Do you have recipes online?

  19. Sevinc Olcer says:

    Where can I find your recipes, my mouth is watering watching your videos

  20. LeslieE says:

    That looks fabulous!

  21. Myristicin. Apiol. Phytoestrogens. Oxalates.

  22. big bause says:

    Nice garnish for a steak πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œ

  23. That looks soo good! 😊

  24. Can I please have the ingredients to your salad. I wonna try to make this delicious salad.i need your ingredients please πŸ₯—

  25. Vivian Rios says:

    I so hope you a green husband, so bad. 🚨

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