The Greatest Caesar Salad of All Time (2 Ways)

Most Caesar salads are trash. Let’s just be honest. Today we’re gonna do it homemade, the right way, and it’s going to be …

50 thoughts on “The Greatest Caesar Salad of All Time (2 Ways)

  1. Casey McCall says:

    I make the same dressing. Cannot buy store bought but this is my most perfect sandwich!

  2. Dressing is wrong. No salt in a Caesar salad dressing. Why? Parmesan is extremely salty. And you missed the pepper, which should be there.

  3. BigStaple says:

    Can you make the dressing without raw eggs?

  4. C R says:

    Raw eggs? No thank you

  5. way too much garlic on that recipe and lemon juice

  6. A traditional Cesar , one codals the egg, I thought. Least that's how it was done in the late 80's. LOL

  7. jasons9157 says:

    This tasted like poopoo. I just made it.

  8. Katakuri P says:

    I was going to go to the store to buy pre made croutons until 2:53 very funny now I have to put the work in

  9. Aisha Smith says:

    You making cooking INCREDIBLY appealing! I have an incredible craving to learn how to do all this in your kitchen.

  10. Cella 6 says:

    So josh. Can we like be together 😍😊😊

  11. Yukimae says:

    How long does it last in the fridge?

  12. Po says:

    Nooooooo im shit at emulsifying 🥲

  13. DMac740 says:

    Use a good oil not the cheap 💩 also use less salt he went over board .

  14. lea cortez says:

    Can use ice berg lettuce

  15. Meawoo says:

    The cesar dressing was amaaaazing my only suggestion is to use 1 lemon only instead of 1 and half to be less sour

  16. JIMB says:

    THIS IS NOT a traditional Caesar Salad … can't even call it a Caesar Salad.

  17. Josette says:

    Just came here from Gordon Ramsay and this recipe is killing his! 🔥

  18. Ralph Acosta says:

    But its the only salad that you can only eat with a knife

  19. Please stop sexualizing Caesar salads, I am getting way too into both ancient Roman history and making dressings.

  20. Livre-se says:

    Great recipe and dressing! Just don't make the same mistake as me and use purple garlic instead of regular (white) garlic. Unless you want to taste only the garlic 😅

  21. that sandwich looked increadle, your making me hungry ugh i'm on a diet

  22. Classic Caesar salad is just leaves and dressing.

  23. This dude is a little too confident

  24. Amy Hadaway says:

    This may be a dumb question, but what about the little bones in the anchovies. Are they supposed to be removed? Are they edible?

  25. drew snow says:

    Proper Caesar dressing has Worcestershire in it, just saying

  26. Austin Rouse says:

    Of curiosity, is it possible to persevere that dressing for a decent amount of time considering the egg yolk? How long would you recommend keeping it?

  27. I hate mustard all the recipes use mustard .. that does not go in Caesar yuck

  28. Trey says:

    Thanks Weissman

  29. KingLev_ says:

    Is it me or does anyone else hear Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire?

  30. Sara Fouad says:

    In my opinion maybe one less clove of garlic as it turned out quite bitter from all the garlic. I blended the garlic, anchovies, mustard and lemon juice together in a food processor for a smooth texture then added the oil to it gradually. I would leave the salt to the end to taste. To counteract the excess garlic, I added some sugar and sour cream.

  31. Vegetable oil is a crime

  32. ZMK says:

    No Worcestershire sauce or capers, and around 4 bushes of garlic?! Blasphemy. Love the vids.

  33. Zanyproject says:

    My stomach hurt after the salad version…

  34. Olive oil not vegetable oil, other than that great recipie

  35. Melanin says:

    Are u a Gemini???! 😅😅 you’re funny!

  36. System Core says:

    1. 6 cloves of garlic (smash, salt, paste)
    2. 3 anchovie fillets (paste)
    3. 2 large egg yolks
    4. 1.5 large lemons (juice)
    5. 1 tbs dijon mustard
    5. 2 pinches of salt
    6. 1.25 cup vegetable oil (add while whisking, 1/4 cup extra if not thick enough)
    7. 75 grams of parmesan

  37. Original Recipe calls for OLIVE oil and not Vegetable…ONLY Romaine lettuce, and you left out the BLACK PEPPER…. The last thing I need is this fuckin guy telling me that THIS is the only way to make Ceasar salad when he added unnecessary amount of salt to everything (not even part of the original recipe) and left out crucial steps 😂😂 There’s already videos on it being made FROM THE RESTAURANT IN TIJUANA THAT ORIGINATED THE CEASAR SALAD… This dude always puts his own twist in everything but please, doesn’t tell people this is the only way when you haven’t replicated THE WAY its meant to be.

  38. Use lime and a third of the garlic suggested in this video unless you want to be smelled from space

  39. Use olive oil ffs not that high heat crap.

  40. KC Nwokoye says:

    You are an amazing cheff

  41. *joseph joestar looking at ceaser salad*.


  42. What’s with the Italian accent? 😂 Cesar salad is actually from Tijuana.

  43. Hilarious and great techniques !
    Bravo 👏

  44. L Clarke says:

    I can't quit you, papa!!! (just don't let me catch you near a school playground — it won't go well for papa)

  45. My daughter has discovered Caesar salad. I was telling her (pretty much all of the above about crappy versions), now she has been enlightened I am going to go after this genius tutorial.

  46. Albano Arapi says:

    You fucked up you need Worcestershire
    Sauce and no mustard you idiot

  47. Albano Arapi says:

    Do a my peepee but better swinger edition u flying number 6 nose

  48. DIO says:


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