Todays workout is about to get you smiling even after feeling low. The exercises in this workout are some of my favorites because …


  1. I seriously smiled the entire workout. I even said "this is fun!" out loud while doing that bring it around town move near the end 😂

  2. Thanks Jo! I was feeling low all day! This workout really uplifted my mood. Honestly, all your workouts do that for me ❤

  3. Love this workout! It really does help when you are stressed 🙂 Thank you!

  4. MoniBby says:

    Jo, your workout was very fulfilling and every minute of it was fun. I enjoyed this and felt every bit of the movements. Pls continue to upload more. You've gained a new supporter 🥰😅😇

  5. Fanny Blais says:

    Honestly the best girl to do your work out from home with ! Shes fun and motivated !! Thank you Jo !!

  6. Jennifer P. says:

    I woke up so anxious this morning but during and now after this workout, I feel so amazing and ready to reclaim the day!! Thank you so much for these amazing videos, so glad I came across your page.

  7. Thank you Jo!! It's been three months since I've worked thanks to having vertigo and this workout is just what I needed. I've felt low with it and needed someone and something to get me back into things! You're a Saint Jo!!! Thank you so much!

  8. Rox says:

    end burn almost 200cal. I loved this full body workout!! it was so fun!! 💝

  9. Kyla Bernard says:

    Thank you so much for this Jo ❤️!! You’ve made my day 10 times better!!

  10. MazeMary says:

    This felt so good, thank you!

  11. Aqua Rising says:

    girl I start praying to god sometimes when we get to the 20 seconds of stepping sometimes like THANK GOD after that squat hold phhhheeewwww! thank you so much for this. i woke up so depressed and anxious wanting to die and I literally teared up smiling once I read workout complete because I realized how much I'm thankful for my health and body! and YOU! love you!

  12. The last thing I wanted to do today was workout, but I am SO glad I did. This workout was EVERYTHING. ♥️

  13. Kiki Horton says:

    INFECTIOUS <3 <3 <3

  14. Hi Jo. It’s been so long since I’ve done one of your videos. It felt so good to be back and do this exercise first thing in the morning ❤❤

  15. Excellent Tara ❤ juste les étirements à la fin serait à ajouter pour éviter les bobos. Tu es super, ton énergie me transporte avec toi. Let’s do this girl 🤍🤍🤍🫶🏽

  16. IAMAUNDRIA says:

    Literally I kept saying I’m going to stop after every 5 minutes and literally kept going till the end . Definitely a energy boost

  17. Una Zlidne says:

    This was so cool! There I was stuck in home and not able to go to the gym, I hate working out at home with videos. And there I find a happy, energized and smiling coach. Mood boost and a happy workout. Thank you so much!!!💓

  18. I was scrolling on YouTube and u came up and omg this is amazing

  19. This April Am starting with this energy 😍😍😍i hope I will be consistent 💯👌

  20. I always enjoy the music in Jo’s workouts. Get me pumped, girl! ❤😂❤

  21. This the only YouTube workout I've done and feel is low impact yet still can get results from. Loved it!

  22. Nurse Nurses says:

    Супер мне очень понравилось ❤

  23. maite says:

    I looooooove this workout

  24. My anxiety has been off the charts lately. So why not try a new video that literally says "Anxiety Release"?? Jo…I DO feel so much better! Can't thank you enough for all the amazing content you put out ❤️
    Stats: 417 calories burned and 2872 steps taken.

  25. Bria Harrell says:

    Here because Queen Naija said this was a good workout..I can agree! I love this! I’m about to have a baby in a few weeks so I’m doing the foot work on this but not necessarily the high arm stretches! Can’t wait to be into this 100% after this baby! 🙌🏽thanks for this

  26. L Jones says:

    Your content brings me so much joy! Thank you for being so upbeat and encouraging!

  27. Tinha que ter legenda em portugues aqui no Brasil vc tbm tem quem te acompanha. plys

  28. Maggi Sam says:

    Workout completed Jo 💪. Extremely satisfied after doing a 30 mins workout with you after months. I was underestimating myself that I can only push towards 15 to 20 mins. But today I really did everything without a pause. Must needed one. To be honest I am sleeping only 4 hours every night because of my job. So I'm going through alot. This workout was so much encouraging. I always make plans to wind up early and sleep atleast for 7 hours but it's becoming hard. So hopefully I will reach my goals in weight loss i guess. I'm setting a long term goal. My goal is to reduce at least 1 kg for 1 month . Thank you so much for so many good videos. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  29. Did this today after working a 12 hr night shift. I had no energy none . I went from zero to 5.5 in energy level. Thanks , the mood bust and energy work out was successful. I’m 50 and I have knee pain often, still get it in even if I alternate some of the moods.

  30. LeraYa says:

    Just what I needed after a stressful work day. Stress be gone and I feel awesome! 💃🏽 Thank you Jo! 💖

  31. Thank you for this video. God Bless everyone.

  32. I love this. The music, the content…everything. Thank U <3

  33. Kowsariita says:

    Asc all muslim peaple magacaygaa wa kowsar waxa kunolahay dalka sweden gaar ahan Stockholm jimicsagan Chanel waxa bilabay isbuuc Gore ano malikastaa mid la jimicsada cadi maaha Runti ramadankaa dhan growjo ba jimicsigaa ku jimicsana Malin sadex ba markaa waxbadan isbeden Iska dareema one goal good life 🎉

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