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15 MIN TOTAL BEGINNER FULL BODY WORKOUT (No Repeats, No Equipment, No Jumping)

a 15 min fat burning, full body workout you can do at home without any equipment! A workout designed for TOTAL BEGINNERS!

30 thoughts on “15 MIN TOTAL BEGINNER FULL BODY WORKOUT (No Repeats, No Equipment, No Jumping)

  1. SPLART says:

    Thx going to do this everyday for 30days, as I don’t do enough exercise and I’m always sitting watching films and videos 😂

  2. C ru says:

    i absolutely love how you focus on muscle control and strength rather than speed which generally results in momentum and lack or muscle control.. had i known about your type of workouts when i started i’d be a lot further in my progress!

  3. sue callow says:

    So inspired by the abs workout I went straight on to do his .Love it ! Thank you for keeping it real .

  4. Samar Adel says:

    Do we need to do warm ups or stretches before this workout ?!

  5. I thank God for you! Your workouts are the best I have ever found!

  6. I love how flexible she makes her workouts… There's no pressure and she always gives easier options to make your exercise more enjoyable for you. She let's you know it's ok to be slow, new and inexperienced. For Maddie, it's not just about showing you the workouts, it's about encouraging and motivating you all the way… I'm grateful to have stumbled upon your videos ❣️❣️❣️… Such a lovely coach… Much love from 🇳🇬

  7. I’m also beginner, want to know what time is okay to do exercise?

  8. Just got finish my 15 minute workout, it was worth every minute and it fell good Thankyou

  9. Alli Yori says:

    Getting back into working out after not doing much for a few years. Felt so good to do a quick, no repeat workout! boosted my confidence in my ability to get back in the swing of things

  10. Lia R says:

    So good!! Thank you ❤

  11. nicole says:

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4:

  12. marissa b says:

    this is so good for beginners

  13. Really appreciate this variation

  14. Trying to lose about 15 pounds before my brothers wedding at the end of May. I like these because they are simple and easy to follow, and I'm not being yelled at.😅

  15. This was so much fun!!! Thanks Mad ❤

  16. kevimaci says:

    Thank you…. every morning, I now do these 15-minute workouts….

  17. Kelly says:

    Love this workout for beginner's!! Helps me to get back on track 😁

  18. Jo Maby says:

    Thank you so much for these workouts. I have been putting off starting something and need a kick. For my out of shape body this had just enough cardio and I will probably be feeling it. Used to workout like a maniac but after years away from it I am at ground zero, and 52. Fitness is so important as we age and I do not want to gradually get stiffer and weaker. Thank you!

  19. Great workout! Loved it 💪🏽 perfect for a busy mom needing to squeeze something in

  20. Kizzy Anel says:

    Really appreciate this no repeat and beginner level work out. Thank you! Perfect for my spouse and me to do together!

  21. proud of myself for getting through this workout 🥹

  22. I loved this! I haven't started working out since having my baby and this was a perfect first step!

  23. Loved it mad! Thank you

  24. Thank you for keeping me inspired to lose some weight and build my stamina xxx this workout is great

  25. Love this new beginner workout 15mins nonstop gentle on joints but still moving and building core! Thanks Maddie!

  26. MANOJ RAJPUT says:

    Hi Maddie, you have done a great job ! these exercises are best for everyone, nobody will try to skip single second. Thanks a lot.

  27. lebradrian says:

    Maybe I’m just very uncoordinated but I found it really hard to do the “opposite arm/leg” thing correctly. I spent more time thinking about it than actually moving. Might be me though.

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