Let’s be real: CBD oil is everywhere and is blowing up as a wellness trend. It may feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate …

32 thoughts on “VIDEO: HOW TO USE CBD OIL 🌿

  1. Kelley March says:

    I love my Populum! Thanks for this video! My CBD tincture has really helped my sleeping!

  2. Mr. Quality says:

    It's a long term commitment because they want you to think you can't function without it and you keep buying their product and filling out their pockets 👍🏼✅

  3. I bought some excellent oils from Weedborn. Just bing for Weedborn.

  4. It's great to see this… I have also treated myself. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  5. You can use Weedborn Oils to improve your health.

  6. InnerRise says:

    Her eyes red.
    She high.

  7. AP says:

    I’m taking 3000mg, 1 full dropper but don’t feel any different, my sleep is just ask bad as before taking it.

  8. Weedborn is full of amazing CBD products. They have been very helpful to me.

  9. I know Weedborn has the greatest CBD supplements around.

  10. It's good to see Weedborn have new CBD products that will save me money and energy to heal myself.

  11. My husband used these CBD products from Weedborn and is very pleased.

  12. I'm helping myself with Weedborn CBD. I think this is the best medicine.

  13. Dan Hunter says:

    Great video, super helpful for those new to CBD. Ive been using a cbd oil from eden's herbals for years now and it's been life changing!

  14. I've been using CBD oil for years. Highly recommend edensherbals.com

  15. I cured myself thanks to CBD Weedborn products.

  16. Very informative video. As a pain doctor I have seen CBD help so many of my patients. The cannabis plant is simply amazing for health and wellness. That is why I created my Youtube channel. ​(https://www.youtube.com/c/DoctorJackHealthierHappierThroughKnowledge) Understanding the entourage effect, dosing/frequency/duration, how terpenes and flavonoids play a role, are all so important. Keep spreading the knowledge. Let us break down the misinformation, stigma and educate people on what we now know. Happy New Year everyone!

  17. Angel Garcia says:

    Who else found these in a siblings room 🤣

  18. Jason Deblou says:

    I can't feel the droplets reaching my mouth lol

  19. Omg, I bought an 1000 mg today for the first time cause I want it, but had no single effect, it's a funky farms brand. After I drunk about a quarter of the stuff. What is the purpose of this product, it's just a medicine for pain?

  20. Eunae Kim says:

    I don't plan on using CBD oil any time soon, but finding it to be everywhere, including computer games, got me curious about just how and for what people use it!

  21. Seekarr says:

    So, does CBD kind of effect you like having a drink to clear anxiety? What are the benefits of CBD over alcohol?
    I'm not saying like 5-10 beer, but maybe 1 beer or a splash of whisky. I find most of the beneficial effects of alcohol happen with one drink; it's enough to relax the system, clear the mind and body of anxiety, but not enough to cloud the senses. The downside is that after 3-5 hours the effects of the alcohol are completely gone and anxiety/stress can return and prevent sleep/productivity. Can CBD last longer?

  22. What if i put the oil on my tounge ?

  23. i absoltely love the way this video is made!

  24. Roy Long says:

    I've been taking CBD oil for chronic pain, but it hasn't worked.

  25. I must be a dumb ass fool watcyn dis

  26. D Q says:

    My dropper doesnt have a measurement

  27. This video, on top of being informative is SO CHARMING! Great direction ♥️

  28. ivy s says:

    Holy moly what a beautiful video.

  29. i love this video! It is so helpful!

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