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NJ recreational marijuana: What to know before heading to a local dispensary

FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell has the latest information on the new recreational marijuana laws in New Jersey. Philadelphia news …

22 thoughts on “NJ recreational marijuana: What to know before heading to a local dispensary

  1. "GREAT! Why don't we just legalize heroin and cocaine!" Well, because marijuana is less lethal than water, less addictive than coffee or alcohol, and actually improves and extends life. It being illegal was the most egregious woke BS in history.

  2. I think we made a mistake things for a user except the indictments were so much better all prices went up and what’s worse so far everything I’ve gotten whether it be flower or edible rise or ascend the quality is TRASH and what’s worse than that I went for the first time today and waited in car and all I see is a bunch of clowns walking out happy to be getting ripped off in cost and played with quality curaleaf can’t grow for squat! One eighth had 7 seeds!!!!! 7 I said !
    I was paying 20 for sour 2019 n I WAS LIT!!

  3. Unbelievable says:

    Wear is closest dispensary from the Delaware Memorial?

  4. Overpriced dried out fancy names that don't stay with you past 15min, and taste like hay, slop,!

  5. I can’t crossed the state line with the cannibas from nj

  6. 4cyl Freak says:

    The selection needs to increase and the prices need to drop a lot. It’s a corporate and state cash grab. Delivery and Home grow needs to pass so that consumers can have the choice and compassion we are all looking for.

  7. John Gulotta says:

    Yeah OK like that's not going to happen

  8. Sam S says:

    Why two dispensaries? Billionaire

  9. Moo-Moo74 says:

    Protect Gov. Photo-Opp Phil Murphy at all costs

  10. P2Feener 305 says:

    😁😆 people will just come to nyc…we can grow our own and you can already buy bud at bodegas all over the city.

  11. P2Feener 305 says:

    Know that you’re getting ripped off and making “the man” money

  12. Retro Moto says:

    Expensive! 60 bucks an eight! What a rip off! I'll stick with my dealer!

  13. Julio Julio says:

    They need to open a cannabis lounges in Jersey

  14. john naile says:

    🤣 just the reaction to this.
    The concerns are ridiculous. How many bottles of lethal booze gets sold daily?????

  15. _dollo says:

    It’s actually a joke that the privatization of corporate companies sell and the institutionalized crimes on our records when we could get weed from back channels. I’m disappointed.

  16. Marvin M says:

    “We sold out and can’t keep up with the demand “

  17. elmenol1994 says:

    yeah ok im buying and smoking in jersey sike!!

  18. Brandon says:

    Legal or not, still too expensive. I'll stick with 8 and 10, thanks 👍

  19. Brandon says:

    Lmaooo can't travel across borders. Good luck. I'd love to know how they plan on enforcing that one hahahahaha

  20. Stacy Lyn says:

    WOW !! It looks a regular store. I wonder if they intend to advertise through TV ..?? I can see it now, stressed out come to Cureleaf, your spouse pissing you off come to Cureleaf, are you unhappy, can't sleep….. The excuses are endless that ppl will tell themselves/others. This is BIG $$ 4 the Government. I'm surprised that it took this long to pass this law. However, this is going to open a whole new problem regarding impairment with ppl in police issues or the other way around if the police were actually impaired while on duty. THE FUN IS ABOUT TO BEGIN….

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