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  1. I'm new (a couple of months) and love you both in the Lord. God bless you richly. From California

  2. These look so good and easy . I want some right now!

  3. I subscribed to you…what does that mean? is there a channel?

  4. jojo bayliss says:

    Hi and Happy New Year. I tried the meatball croissants and buffalo chicken as well over the Holidays. They were a great hit. I thank you so much. You both are so precious.

  5. Ziggy Pop says:

    I love you guys. Love how you two work together ❤️ your recipes are awesome 👌

  6. Everything looks sooo good! I wonder if you could use pastry dough instead of crescent rolls?

  7. Melinda Guy says:

    Baked Bacon is so easy and time efficient. While potatoes are cooking bacon does as well, frees up time & Hands.

  8. Sarah Jensen says:

    So excited to try your recipes

  9. Wow!! We’re in New Mexico and we made the sausage and cheese biscuits. We added green chili. Delicious thanks Jessica and Bunky

  10. I think it would also be good on them tater tots that you made

  11. JRNurse2013 says:

    Y’all are the absolute cutest couple! Both of you have infectious happiness! I can’t wait to try these recipes Christmas Eve! I make my bacon in the oven anyway (broiler pan sprayed with Pam) so I will just cut it up in pieces first and bake it at the same time for those “Cheesy Scallion Potato Medallions.” 😂 Thanks for the recipes and the enjoyment of watching and laughing with you both!

  12. HopeP says:

    If you want to do the biscuits for breakfast, you can add scrambled egg. They are so good.

  13. D3naliGrace says:

    Can you put ingredients and recipes in the description

  14. Recipes are delicious. I love when you have your husband cooking. Other women do it to

  15. So what temp the potatoes and time?

  16. I kind of agree with your hubby . Appetizers are a bite, you made dinner! But I love it. More the merrier! Lol

  17. Take a wad of paper towels like 6 sheets, saturate them like dripping and put them in between you and the onion. The gases from the onion will go to the wet paper and not your eyes. I just did this last weekend. It works!!!

  18. Tammy says:

    Those recipes look so yummy! I need to try them this Christmas! I’m glad to have found your channel. 😊

  19. I have just recently found your videos and I'm telling you that I love y'all already. These recipes look divine! Thanks for sharing ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  20. I tried to order the seasoning that you linked below, but it’s not allowing me to put in your discount code. It just takes me right to checkout.

  21. Susan Tipton says:

    Oh my gosh I have to make the brie bombs. I love anything apricot and I love brie. I made something similar last year with puff pastry instead if the croissant rolls and then I used home made cranberry sauce on them but I would much prefer apricot just didn't thunk if that. Thank you.

  22. You share the best recipes. And always positive

  23. Jessica…can I make muffin tin size sausage cheese appetizer vs. mini tin size?

  24. Love your appetizer recipes!

  25. I’m bing watching your channel!!! Oh my goodness!! I can’t wait to get to cook all these!!! I lived in Hickory NC when I was married !! I loved it there !! It was beautiful!! You’ve become one of my favorite channels!!! Loving everything you make!! Linda from Memphis

  26. Ann Dugal says:

    You say we will cut up the bacon and then you normal Lol

  27. All sounds good. On the sausage biscuits can you go ahead and bake them any heat them up?

  28. Lexie Lou says:

    Where did you get your cheese grater? That thing looks amazing, lol. I can't wait to try these recipes. I'm new to your channel and been binge watching some of your videos. Lol

  29. Wanda parker says:

    Where have you been. Awesome easy and tasty food fast. That brie will be a ho to appetizer for me. Glad I subscribed ☺

  30. Awww, you guys are so cute together. Makes me miss my husband, it’s almost been a year since he passed away. We had so much fun in the kitchen too. Good memories.

  31. Judy S says:

    How about creating some lower calorie appetizers?

  32. Have you ever heard of someone that has an allergy to mustard and hot peppers.
    I found out the hard way, of course.

  33. Pat Smart says:

    Please stop saying ya all

  34. Ms Hannah says:

    You're such a cute couple. All of those look yummy

  35. Mary Ables says:

    Everything look so yummy, yummiest

  36. Just recently found your page and I love love your videos and recipes!!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! Happy Holidays !! ❤️

  37. Just found you and subscribed. I absolutely love your videos and recipes. You two are so cute together too

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