Growing Marijuana at Home Laws! @LawByMike #Shorts #california #law

Want to grow weed in your home? Well in California you can as long as you follow these rules! Subscribe to @LawByMike for …

20 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana at Home Laws! @LawByMike #Shorts #california #law

  1. What high road did I just witness

  2. Bouwny says:

    this video feels like it is trying to tell you to start smoking weed

  3. Not a cat says:

    She’s fine as hell

  4. It takes a new meaning to "sm0ke w€€d every day"

  5. Jesus Christ says:

    Fun fact marijuana is actually good for you and is a good natural medicine

  6. diamondswat1 says:

    This is why cardi b aint commin back to detroid ong💀💀😭😭

  7. derricko says:

    im moving to california

  8. What about with medical cards? How much can you have in your car?

  9. Weed is a monstrosity

  10. Nic says:

    Hey hey hey hey , smoke weed every day

  11. Theo says:

    the guy looks like ted nivison

  12. andreww says:

    why i will never move to california

  13. 1 2 says:

    Another reason to never go to California

  14. Dave Ryan says:

    Can I do this in ireland please 🙏 😭 😢

  15. GIGA-EDITZ says:

    well the states that legalized it illegally did that the people who made that law can get arrested but the US government has better things to do

  16. interested says:

    Sucks I live right next to this guy who smoke weed but my room smells like it when he does it and if I have visitors it’s kinda well…

  17. Samping says:

    I sill will hate weed with a burning passion

  18. Ryan s says:

    Definitely have to keep those dangerous plants in a Cage

  19. Oopy Doopy says:

    Please please please put a disclaimer that this isn’t the law everywhere…

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