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Beginner Home Workout

Share this entry-level home workout with someone who needs it! Here’s the full routine: https://www.hybridcalisthenics.com/routine …

28 thoughts on “Beginner Home Workout

  1. I'll be putting out an intermediate and an advanced version of this! Most of the detail will be in the routine page, but these will give examples.

    Some of these videos are older videos I made a few months ago. That's why the style and camera quality is a bit different. Back then, I did everything on the front camera of my phone, hahaha.

    Come to think of it, all of my most popular videos were done on my phone. What did I even buy this camera for?? Haha.

  2. Ouma Shu says:

    When i do wall pullups my fingers hurt from griping onto the door frame anything to help with that?

  3. Looks like he's training to put the D1ck down


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  5. XdDemon says:

    Hello my friend

  6. Hawksley says:

    I love this guy

  7. Fatsixtysix says:

    Nahh bro thank you for the jack knife squat🙏

  8. That is so we’red and stupid 👎🏻

  9. Came in clutch just when I feel ready to try out calisthenics 🥰

  10. Wouldnt be the hardest option with little reps better for strength

  11. Toxic DJ says:

    Im at 325 pounds lost confidence only aggressive attitude remain hopefully i can take back what i had before

  12. moki says:

    Thanks Hampton

  13. Ouma Shu says:

    Sad to say that I can only do 2 set of knee tuck

  14. Pang Yat says:

    Can you make a video

  15. Nakao says:

    Now as a 6ft 3 man whats the estimate of me losing like 35 pounds on this anyone got the math to see how long

  16. Dark_g says:


  17. daye one doing your workout

  18. Noodle Lion says:

    Thank you. All the workouts I found caused immense pain. I've been overweight my entire life and I cant afford going to The gym. I just want to feel better and I've already lost quite a few pounds.

  19. Wall pull just broke my eggs . Big brother

  20. your stats:
    strength 8
    perception idk
    endurance 8
    charisma 9
    intelligence 6
    agility 7
    luck idk

  21. Klara Kopi says:

    First time I see fitness related content and like the person's vibes

  22. dr memer says:

    Trust me homeworkout is not effective

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