Amazing Lego-Style HEMP BLOCKS Make Building a House Quick, Easy & Sustainable

These hempcrete blocks are a green building material made with a hemp-lime insulation mixture packed around a biocomposite …

29 thoughts on “Amazing Lego-Style HEMP BLOCKS Make Building a House Quick, Easy & Sustainable

  1. Can this product work below ground?

  2. LyleCVA c says:

    Is vertical rebar required or joint mortor?

  3. GraceReacts says:

    Is it water proof?

  4. How about utilising a dirt/hemp mixture? It will be a little heavier but the dirt also make for great insulation.

  5. Nice =)

    Legalize Nature worldwide !

  6. I would be curious to know how these walls handle holding things. If I wanted to mount something that's 200 pounds to a wall, would these hold it? Since the house no longer has studs.

  7. Is it a stone(d) wall? LOL

  8. TrendyDwarf says:

    There are also hemp shoes

  9. Carbon and C02 aren't pollutants

  10. Your not going to be able to water your walls tho

  11. What's that Lego frame part made of?

  12. Love the idea of this stuff & really would like to use it on a small job first & roll out more & more! If it works as good as it looks I’ll happily build my own place with it . πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  13. Can I buy this in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§?

  14. m4a4c4 says:

    of interest to me is the structural strenth of the blocks. What is the equalivent in strength. They are of no value if are weak and are expected to support roofs and or futher wa[[s such as in a 5 story building.

  15. Pat Karp says:

    Not sure you can claim those to be monolithic.

  16. ANON YMOUS says:

    β€œMake the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere,”
    – George Washington

    β€œHemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nationβ€œ
    – Thomas Jefferson

    "We hold these truths to be self evident: all men and women are created, by the, you know the,
    you know the thing."
    – Joe Biden 🀑

  17. Visionery1 says:

    This is a great product, but, it seems it unfortunately never made it to the commercial stage. Your FB page hasn't seen any 'movement' since 2019! Having a father who designed his own building system, I'm well aware of the hurdles one has to jump through, in our case we ran out of financial steam – a great product, limited to a few show houses and labourers cottages between '87 and '94.

  18. NineLaivz says:

    He didn't tell us how it behaves in wet and damp environments like in the UK. Does it turn to breakfast cereal in a flood?

  19. Three questions:
    1) How do you frame window and door openings–by using regular bucks? But how do they attach to the blocks?
    2) you mentioned mortar between the blocks; could you use foam construction adhesive instead?
    3) Is a bond beam needed at the top of the walls before framing a second story or roof?

  20. it would be cool to make a dome arch bricks so that you could make a pizza oven

  21. John Slugger says:

    BAD IDEA TO USE LIME! Lime absorbs CO2 from air to become common Chalk! Soft Crumbly chalk called Calcium Carbonate (calcite) which is a very Soft rock! Should a used Calcium Silicate or Cement which gets harder over time.

  22. If they're half the weight of concrete, labor costs for the construction of the home should be considerably less and construction time could be considerably less which would compensate for the high cost of the building blocks.

  23. as it is with all things hemp in N America – a hat tip to my friends and former employers Bill Conde and Dave Seber (RIP)

  24. Where can it be ordered from in the Eastern US? What is the cost per square foot? Brian Meekins

  25. So good not to use sand.

  26. DE Graham says:

    Suppose this would survive
    an earthquake?
    What if that outside wall sealant
    was compromised and the blocks
    got thoroughly wet?
    The material looks friable.

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