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15 minute Walking Workout for Seniors, Beginners

walking #walkingforseniors #walkingforbeginners This 15-minute indoor walking workout will help improve your cardiovascular …

33 thoughts on “15 minute Walking Workout for Seniors, Beginners

  1. DeepEndDiver says:

    My mom is going to be 70 this year and I have been looking a workout routine to do with her. I am so glad I found your channel. I cannot wait to show her videos with another senior instead of a younger trainers. Tha k you so much!

  2. Dee Helen says:

    I love you ladies. Yes this is another good little workout for a 68 year old who has never been big on exercise or made time for it. These videos don't make me feel guilty for sitting down resting with my little dog afterwards. All great exercises and thank you x

  3. Nicola says:

    Thank you so much April and Aiko for helping my mum get fit. We found these videos a year ago, only one issue, mum couldn't see the moves clearly on her iPad so I have taught her how to link these videos to the TV. It's been amazing seeing her gradually improve her fitness with these daily workouts esp as this really helps with her depression also. Thanks for your kindness and care. You are so relatable. An amazing team. 💚💚💚

  4. well today is day 1 for me of the 30 day workout, it was hard, despite the fact i had to do it sitting down. but it was good.

  5. Lydia Parris says:

    You two are soooo adorable! Thanks for these videos because they are so great for seniors. I wish my dad could do this but his legs are very weak now at 86.

  6. Great exercises. They are really helping me in my recovery journey. Love your videos.

  7. Kimberly S. says:

    Just heard about you and am completely blown away with the workouts. I can actually do them and you make them fun. Thank you. I have subscribed and will continue to watch your videos

  8. After being so sedentary during and after the pandemic, I didn't "feel" like working out. I will be 68 this summer, and your walking workouts have kept me inspired. I like that you add arms, making it more of a total body workout-more aerobic. Thank-you for doing this. I have graduated to your 20 minute walk and feel so much better. I plan to move to the thirty minute workout soon, and see you even have a 50 minute, which is my goal by May. Great job!! Inspiring!

  9. Maria Rios says:

    Watching your exercises makes me want to continue doing my 40 mi ute exercises which I try to do everyday 😀 it is also good to add some of your steps thanks so much

  10. Teo K. says:

    Can't say enough about what you both doing for us. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️!

  11. Pam Walker says:

    Another one I like very much, thank you,

  12. Thank you 🙏🏻 I did 10mins and15 mins today . Thank you both love ❤️ you

  13. Angela says:

    LOVE your channel!! thank you for all that you are doing to share these life-saving videos with all of us. My mom is no longer with me and I miss her. It warms my heart the way you care about your mom😊 Both of you inspire me.

  14. I came back after 3 very hard operations: thank you, you make us feel better in our body!😊

  15. Love these videos and the banter between Mom and daughter.

  16. I started in home walking last week and then got a cold! Today I needed to do some exercise so I did this 15 minute one. I kept up very well and enjoyed it. I love your Mom’s comments. She’s adorable! I will be back!

  17. Imelda Fagin says:

    I finished. Yeah!!!

  18. Donna Doo says:

    I love this workout!! Aiko you're the sweetest ever, April is so lucky to have you❤️❤️

  19. Thank you to both of you ❤

  20. Thank you for your video 🙂

  21. Doing 20 mins now. You ladies are amazing

  22. Progressed from 10 mins to 15. Really like this one

  23. Thank you so much🥰 makes me feel not lazy& happy doing& more importantly doing with you both. Puts smile on my face &makes feel not alone. X

  24. Brenda Capko says:

    Love you both, you both add something that is very engaging to meet at 75 and encourages me to workout. I am wondering if you have thought about adding breathing exercises? Would you at least think about it? ❤😊


  26. Day 8 of 30-day intermediate workout. An easy 15 minutes today; I was able to speed it up. I'm 80 so I'm planning to do 80 days and then might as well do more. P.S.: Aiko cracks me up with her wisecracks.

  27. Ceto says:

    Thank you! Love you two, you got me moving ❤

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