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Simple Vegan Student Meals | Budget & Beginner Friendly

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20 thoughts on “Simple Vegan Student Meals | Budget & Beginner Friendly

  1. Ditzy.52 says:

    The music is unnecessary and is irritating.

  2. Jambalaya looks amazing!

  3. I make a similar casserole. I soak the tortillas in enchilada sauce then layer those a mixture of cooked quinoa (made with broth)+ a small can of sliced black olives + 1 small raw diced onion + 1 can rinsed black beans + chili powder + garlic powder salt and pepper + diced deseeded jalapeño+ cheese then repeat ending with sauced tortillas. Bakes 40-1 hr at 350F / 160 fan

  4. Amy Belle says:

    My little boy(5) loved the pasta so much & has been asking me to make it again💕💕

  5. Bea Ro says:

    I have a bunch of red peppers laying in the fridge that was cheap at the supermarket and a can of coconut milk for another recipe that I won't use up completely. So the first recipe is perfect right now. I'm definitely going to try it

  6. I’ve been in a rut recently and you’ve really gave me the motivation to start cooking properly again. Thank you :).

  7. melanie says:

    I love these budget friendly meals

  8. Sweet Potato Soul makes a great jambalaya. She’s southern and vegan. You should check that out.

  9. I love these recipes the Mexican lasagna reminds me of Nigellas so tasty thank you!!

  10. You don't have to say tortilla wraps, you can just say tortillas. 🙂❤

    Less oregano def lol lol

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  13. Joanna L says:

    Those dishes look so tasty ~ defo going to try them! Using the light colour cookware is really clever as it shows every ingredient that you put in.

  14. Bob Ross says:

    I can imagine that the roasted red pepper pasta would taste fantastic with a bit zucchini as well

  15. Amy Kent says:

    Top tip: when you cook pasta put a vegetable stock cube in the water with it. It tastes amazing and once you’ve done it you won’t do it without it I promise. It adds such an amazing flavour to the pasta dish

  16. I’m not vegan, but watching your videos I’m slowly converting into one

  17. Yasmin Paul says:

    It's giving vegan Nigella vibes aha

  18. I'm not a student, but have been struggling with my mental health and helping to support others in my life. During these times, I never want to cook, so comforting but simple meals and ingredients are what I need. I made the jambalaya at the weekend and the Mexican lasagne tonight – both delicious and easy and will be added into my meal rotations. Thank you Madeleine ❤

  19. Zoe Newton says:

    I too came across Jambalaya during my bachelors at Uni and fell in love! I make it all the time! Also, top tip for those feeling they want variety on a budget but can't afford to buy more types of veggies (either due to money or storage) I 'tricked' myself into thinking I had more variety by chopping my veg different ways within the same meal – ie. half of a pepper in strips, the other half in chunks ☺️

  20. Khushi Gogia says:

    Love these recipes!! Can't wait to try them!!!

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