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High Protein Meals to Keep You Strong & Satisfied (Vegan)

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36 thoughts on “High Protein Meals to Keep You Strong & Satisfied (Vegan)

  1. The next time someone asks you, "wHeRe dO yOu gEt yOuR pRoTeiN??" just direct them to this video 😅

  2. Kim Campbell says:

    Do you have a cookbook out

  3. The burgers look great

  4. -Zeina- says:

    I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, but good on you! It is very impressive.. well done👏🏻👏🏻 ⭐

  5. Jan Warnawa says:

    Een vegan kitchen wat is dat jo wat een mensen zijn dat toch

  6. Trader joe is now selling a pea protien option for the first recipe

  7. John Doesha says:

    Great video. If you’re pre diabetic or have diabetes 2, Do Not eat any pasta or bread, Period.

  8. Of course garbanzo beans are another resource for vegan protein.

  9. Heban's Way says:

    I tried your first recipe and it put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. It’s so funny to me you think your saving the animals but by not eating actual meat your helping to overpopulate different species that will destroy other ecosystems so your hurting nature not helping it, god gave you canine teeth to rip flesh from bone plain and simple

  11. I can’t even express how much I enjoy this channel. You inspire me so much and have for the last 5+ years. ❤

  12. Joan Arc says:

    Apparently vegans fart a ton more then meat eaters because your guys protein sources are very gas forming and tough in the digestive tract! I also heard that vegans are the cause of high gas emissions because you guys fart so much 😂😂😂😂

  13. wk says:

    Dude this guy loves you so much you are so lucky

  14. CCL says:

    I love lentil burgers! Yummy. I’m going to try this way with my black bean burgers too. I’m celiac so I use crumbled corn chips instead of bread crumbs

  15. Which buns do you use? I always have trouble finding good vegan hamburger buns

  16. What a bunch of absolute vegan food dysmorphia become real eat meat.

  17. Ciao, da italiana mi fa male vedere come i vostri spaghetti sembrino vivere di vita propria nel piatto, si rifiutano di arrotolarsi nella forchetta, sembrano sfuggire al boccone

  18. Kyle Bayes says:

    That sandwich, 😊😊😊😊😊😊 red onion tho. Perfect.

  19. Alejandro says:

    I recently got diagnosed as type 2 diabetic and i’m so glad I found your channel. the biggest challenge for me was changing the food I eat. Your recipes taste amazing & grateful for your channel ❤

  20. Omg you’ve inspired me so hard!!! Gunna marinate some tofu I have on hand to make BLT’s for lunch

  21. Paula M3 says:

    Awesome recipes. I can't eat tomatoes. Is there any way you can offer some tips about the lentil burger and the bolognese recipe being prepared without tomato? The tomatoes provide flavour and a moist consistency to recipes, and it's regrettable I can't eat them! Thanks for any suggestions. …. Oh, and that cookware looks exquisite.🙂

  22. Kitty Beck says:

    Americans are obsessed with protein & eat too much protein. All foods contain protein. Don't worry about it so much.

  23. I love vegan/vegetarian youtube cooks, im not either, but you guy always have great recipes, and i dont eat often so high protein meals are definitely useful for me! Only change I did was lentils instead of tofu, and mmmmm perfect! I normally love garlic but leaving it out was perfect and definitely the right choice!

  24. @Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen Love the recipes! I use tofu a lot. It’s a staple in my house as well as TVP and soy curls. Again love the recipes you just gained a new sub! 😊

  25. G Youmans says:

    Those lentil burgers were so good!

  26. Why fret over protein? Eat more fiber. Check out Dr Greger’s BROL.

  27. Alex Smart says:

    "Deglaze with wine or vegetable broth"

    Deglaze what exactly? There was nothing sticking in the bottom of the pan to deglaze in the first place.

  28. They all looked delicious!

  29. kameron says:

    I will try that recipe soon for sure! I love using tofu in bolognese but to achieve more meaty texture I always crumble it, add some soy souce and oil and bake it until it gets brown and dry and then I add it to a souce, it has a really convincing texture

  30. Wildcat says:

    Everything looks so yummy and mouthwatering.🤤

  31. bm says:

    When you don’t eat meat because of “animal rights” reasons or “health” reasons but you try to make your food look like animal meat and it’s more unhealthy than a McDonald’s burger

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