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Healthy Meal Prep Recipe

Summer is the perfect time to start and continue eating healthy! Kaya naman here’s how you can make your very own #simpol …

35 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep Recipe

  1. Reina says:

    How to prolong the vegetables po chef? Ang dali masira kasi sa amin huhu

  2. Sarah Oyyeng says:


  3. Thank you po for sharing your healthy recipes.

  4. Thanks for this content, preparing this kind of food next week

  5. Thank you Chef for this simpol healthy meal🤗will try this at home💖 God bless you 🙏💐

  6. Elen Badiana says:

    Thanks I'm gonna do these

  7. joy bee says:

    Thank you, Chef Tatung! Just what I needed!

  8. Healthy food! And an alternative for this lenten season no meat just removed d chicken and subs with shrimp or crabstick 😊

  9. Rhoze Gaffud says:

    Thanks for sharing chef 🥰 more healthy recipe chef

  10. More of this kind of content Chef! Thank you


  12. I love tofu even in pulutan chef.. I don't know but it satisfies me.

  13. Yes,, Thank you Chef

  14. Mary J says:

    Love this Chef, more please!

  15. More of this kind of recipes Chef! We all need to live and eat healthy diet everyday!

  16. good afternoon chef,wow simpol

  17. Zoe TN says:

    More like this please!

  18. Thank you for sharing familiar tasting healthy recipes using Asian sauces and Greek yoghurt.

  19. Kristine says:

    Thank you Chef. More healthy recipes.

  20. Fema Agda says:

    Thank you sooo much for a Filipino version of healthy food!

  21. Rose Nepo says:

    Thank you for sharing Chef! We need this kind of prep meals for working and students like us.

  22. Chef, how to store and reheat the prepped meal?

  23. great assembly, very healthy ingredients, more power chef

  24. A Correa says:

    Salamat sa panibagong luto Ka Eric😊

  25. CE CE says:

    Pls post more ideas like this chef if pede po at least twice monthly salamat po

  26. Welcome back Chef !

  27. Wow ang sarap naman po nyan Chef Tatung 😋 nakakagutom po sa sarap

  28. grabe chef may gagayahin nanaman po ako. thanks po

  29. JoshyyCute says:

    Perfect, this is what im looking for as a college student

  30. Cece says:


  31. MDCTV says:

    chef tatung, yan din ata suot mo na hat sa netflix? maporma sya parang gangster chef

  32. Salamat sa healthy recipe chef❤️❤️❤️

  33. Nice flat cap 😉
    Many people wear this hat in the 1930s 😀

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