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Mixed beef rice * 2 cups rice * ½ teaspoon salt * 1 cup chicken stock * 1 cup water * * 450grams ground beef/1lb * 1 teaspoon salt …

33 thoughts on “THIS RICE DISH IS!!!

  1. nice vidio say hello frome lombok

  2. Yummy Subscribe added ❤❤

  3. What kind of rice please

  4. Should I use left over rice or freshly cooked rice is okay?

  5. S AP says:

    Looks yummy!What type of rice did you use?

  6. Jerry N says:

    Suya alternative as we gave allergies in my household?

  7. I'm hungry.i love the food.i just want to eat it.😋😋😋

  8. Erin Joy says:

    Ever since I got my hands on suya powder iv been using it in everythingggg !!! The flav is so amazing deff gunna try this

  9. What kind of rice is that

  10. Gina Joyei says:

    I dunno how u got follower ur cooking no details…so terrible fr newbie to learn cooking…u should watch mama Cheong 👎🤮👋

  11. Kiki I just made this for dinner🤩🤩 very yummy, very fast…didn't take time in prepping and cooking at all. Thank you for always serving yummy recipes. Kisses from Germany🤗🤗🤗

  12. Bhanoo Patel says:


    Sorry vegetarian

  13. Can we omit the suya powder?East Africa nt popular

  14. S Crane says:

    Looks yummy! Going to try this with some veggie stock and some seitan as I have a family history of Cancer and need to avoid the igf-1 in meat—thanks for posting

  15. This looks like a must try

  16. What brand of rice do you use, I’ve been looking for a good brand

  17. I’m going to try this next week but of course with my own twist 😉.

  18. JoyRebel says:

    OMG! this looks soooo delicious!!! great video!

  19. What kind of rice is this?

  20. I love your channel am from Kenya lived in Nigeria and l loved Nigerian food now through your channel l can try out this recipe in Kenya thank you very simple to follow

  21. Made this on New year's Day and it was a hit with family. Thank you for this

  22. Beautiful. What is the product of the rice, please 🙏

  23. Esther🤎 says:

    The subscribe meme on the bottom was so funny 😂😂😂

  24. Food Dari says:

    Love this,what kind of rice do you use please?

  25. Yasmin says:

    What kind of rice did you use?

  26. Hello dear, just love your cookware, may I please know where you buy it? Thanks

  27. 0:18 In the video you said raw rice, but when you added the rice it looked washed already, is that correct?

  28. You are a wonderful cook. Your food looks delicious! 😆👍😍🤩🔥😋

  29. Patrick N. says:

    What kind of rice do you use??

  30. Gostei , mas não entendi os temperos.
    Bem que podia esta escrito em Português né.

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